Mouse head makes cameo appearance



“Despite my ghoulish reputation, I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.”  Robert Bloch

Many times when you are taking a photograph you become more involved with the technical stuff and not really aware of what you have captured in your picture until later. I finally realized what was in my shot this morning when I was searching for a “ghoulish” photo. I know I have weird neighbors but a mouse offering to the Great Pumpkin is a bit far out even for me. Happy Halloween everyone! Watch out for the youngsters tonight.  –gc

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21 Comments on Mouse head makes cameo appearance

  1. A mouse head, in shoes? Yikes! Looks like a well meaning cat offering.😩

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  2. ewwww. ghoulish for sure.

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  3. Thinking out of the box, or in this case the boot, perhaps there was both. Trick and treat that is. A treat buried within the furry boot caused the mouse to have a root, alas his treat became the trick when it caused him to be sick!
    Okay, Okay, not my best offering but I’m suffering from flight Lag, being Halloween and all that I had a busy night last night! 😊

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