Much signage today regarded irrelevant




“Experience has shown, and a true philosophy will always show, that a vast, perhaps the larger, portion of truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant.” ― Edgar Allan Poe.

Have you noticed yet that many folks out there are not really sign savvy. They tend to personally interpret posted signage in a way that defies logic but meets their own narrow definition of reality. The above sign should be adequate enough to dissuade shoppers from bringing their pets to this outdoor market. Think again. One woman when asked why she brought her dog into the roofed area told the site manager that her Pekingese was her service dog She explained that the dog stuffed into her purse kept people away from her and to her that was a most welcomed service. Sometimes you just gotta scratch your head and sigh. — gc

A   S I G N   O F   S O M E   R E L E V A N C E

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18 Comments on Much signage today regarded irrelevant

  1. We have those same signs at our weekly outdoor farmer’s market. They are on every street corner, and our market goes on for 3 very long blocks. Yet, dogs everywhere. Not just little ones, either. I do love the animals and they take great photos, but why bother with signs if people ignore them? Totally irrelevant..


  2. She can read, but can’t understand it might relate to her, personally. Bizarre.


  3. The old … “The rules are for other people, not for moi”

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  4. Uh huh, saw one yesterday, same thing


  5. This lady sounds as pampered as her pet with her self centred thinking being… “They don’t mean me”


    • My take on it exactly Susan. She looked like she had a few dollars to flaunt about and the dog in the bag was her icing on the cake.

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      • I’ve just realised what your phrase service dog means! We don’t have that here. Yet another language mix Up!
        We have dogs registered for the disabled, police dogs etc and I assume it means the same thing. Nevertheless my original comment still stands. A pampered pooch and I’m not talking about the dog!


      • Agree with you totally Susan. The woman in question is more a mutt than a pedigree. 🙂

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  6. I’ve seen service dogs in grocery stores, true service dogs are working dogs and not some pet shoved in a purse. They’re an inspiration to watch how they inter-act with their owner.

    Any dog can be registered as a service dog, and a public entity is limited as to what they may ask as proof the dog is a service animal.

    Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, businesses may only ask if the animal is a service animal and what it is trained to do. But they cannot require any documentation and the animal is not required to be vested. And businesses are not allowed to deny entry to anyone with a service dog.

    This woman with the Pekingese in her purse is unfortunately smarter than we think. She apparently knows they can’t deny her entrance and she knows that she doesn’t have to reveal what her disability is.

    And I’m not really sure there is anything the market can do about it except change their sign.


    • Thank you for comments on this topic. The woman was performing a “disservice” to all the shoppers who expect the market area to be free of dogs who sniff everything in sight. I don’t think there is an clear answer to the above situation.


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