Leaving laundry a crumby thing to do




“You can’t be a smart cookie with a crumby attitude.”  

No matter how much I try to pretty up the picture there is only one way to see abandoned laundry: a blight and an imposition. If this was a frat house then we could understand and forgive harried students from not cleaning up their act totally. They are newbies to the laundry scene. But in my residence working and responsible adults are the guilty parties. This one pile of colorful clothing remained on the top of one dryer for three days. It must be nice to have such a large amount of wardrobe to spare.. But it is a crumby thing to do to your neighbors. — gc

A   S I G N   O F   T H E   T I M E S 




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6 Comments on Leaving laundry a crumby thing to do

  1. Sigh, laundry is indeed the bane of my life. I live in a household of 4, and it seems like a day never goes by when a load of laundry needs to be done!

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  2. Anyone claiming it yet?


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