Peculiar parking angles create hazard



“It’s strange how time can make a place shrink, make its strangeness ordinary.” ― Veronica Roth.

It has almost become commonplace for professional commercial drivers to try to bend the rules of safety and common sense to shave a few minutes off their down time. Bus drivers and taxi drivers run red lights frequently to stay on schedule. Large construction vehicles become kings of the road intimidating drivers in smaller vehicles to keep clear. Drivers of panel trucks towing a trailer behind them create parking configurations that defy logic. The driver of this vehicle had the space to park his rig and load horizontally but chose this approach. The trailer extended two feet into oncoming traffic. Not the best way to carry your load. —  gc

J  U S T   P L A Y I N G   T  H E    A N G L E S

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4 Comments on Peculiar parking angles create hazard

  1. Parking like that is not peculiar, it’s just rude!


  2. Looks like he’s taken up four parking bays too. Gosh and I thought my parking was bad!


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