Is this mother love or “smother” love?

A  C R E S C E N D O   O F   O V E R   P R O T E C T I O N 

This woman may be smothering and not mothering her child.

In my school district the youngsters have school for one half day on Thursday. This means they are excused from classes at noon.

She was perched on the back steps of the school for more than one hour texting furiously and absorbed in her chatting.

Many parents who chauffeur their children to the school arrive there 20 minutes earlier but they are vying to get a parking spot near the school’s front door. Their arriving there early is understandable.

You should be aware that her suite faces the school yard, she chats with her youngster at recess and is still there one hour before the bell rings everyday.

She whisks her child hurriedly from the school yard and it appears isolates her from fellow classmates.

Is she insecure as a mother or overly protective in her parental role?

I used to live in another building also located directly across from a grade school with traffic cross light and patrol person directing traffic.

My neighbors had a daughter who was thirteen years old whom they walked across the street to and from school everyday. That seemed strange to me. 

I thought the role of school was to expose and develop the child and not isolate him/her from the learning and social experience. 

Hopefully this mother’s parental style will improve as the school year progresses. –  gc



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11 Comments on Is this mother love or “smother” love?

  1. Possibly there is a parental dispute over custody, fear of kidnapping, I don’t know. Otherwise it does seem odd.

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  2. That’s an excellent point from the Rugby lady and I’ve come across similar situations a number of times. On the other hand, to a certain extent I can identify with the mother.

    While other mothers around me were delighted to have time off from their kids I was the one who never wanted school holidays to end, I cried when my little ones started school and frequently arrived too early at home time. And best not even mention school residential trips!
    Nonetheless, even I have to admit her behaviour is strange and a little over the top.

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  3. Didn’t realise she was also there at recess. Never done that. Sounds like she really does have problems!


  4. Reading your reply to the rugby lady (I’m sorry I don’t have her name) reminds me of a mother who turned up at my school and asked if she could have school lunch with her daughter!

    Another occasion one of my son-in-laws arrived at the door and announced he’d come to help his son carry his dinner tray! That was embarrassing, my colleagues thought it was amusing and joked about it, but I doubt they’d have joked if it was anyone else!

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