Are anti-depressant drugs over-prescribed?

Many doctors prescribe anti-depressant as if they were prescribing breath mints. Many patients eventually discover the prescribing doctor does not question the fact that their patient may have outgrown the need for the medication. What do you think? — gc

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iThis is a re-blog (slightly re-worked) of an article that I posted last year as a newish blogger on my now dormant site ‘Facts and Fiction’. It appears to fit the bill nicely for today’s word-prompt ‘Visceral

We all know that doctors prescribe anti-depressant drugs for conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress, but are we accepting the prescriptions too easily? Shouldn’t we at least try to resist?

Before I go any further with this controversial topic, may I say that I’m very aware that many patients genuinely need the medication; however, I’m equally certain that some do not. I make the latter comment based upon my own experience.

A few years ago I was ill and needed  hospital treatment several times, at the same time my late husband was ill, plus…

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2 Comments on Are anti-depressant drugs over-prescribed?

  1. Many patients eventually discover the prescribing doctor does not question the fact that their patient may have outgrown the need for the medication. What do you think? — gc

    Depends on the medication. Anti-depressants? One does NOT ‘out-grow’ those. One may reach a point where a strong dosage is not necessary, but for many of us (I’m a depressive – they have fancy words for my condition which I won’t go into) the medication will be life-long.

    Depression isn’t curable. It IS something one can learn to cope with and manage, but it will come creeping back if one isn’t vigilant. Therapy combined with the medication is the best way that I’ve found to deal with my depression.

    I’ve had symptoms for over 44 years now. Nope. I won’t ‘out-grow’ my meds. And I’m thankful they’re so much more sophisticated than when my diagnosis was new.

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    • One has to be ever vigilant with the many forms of depression. I think that manic-depression is the most insidious and most debilitating of the lot.

      You also need a good therapist and your family physician to work jointly to monitor and assess your condition. Many times family physicians are mere dispensing outlets that a patient goes to periodically when they need a renewal.

      I am not aware of the medication you are taking but congratulations to you if it is helping. Today many medications have been modified with less negative side effects. But as a patient you also have to make an evaluation for yourself and question the efficacy of the medication you have been taking.

      It is a three way street. Your physician working in conjunction with your psychiatric counselor and you as patient team up for the best results for yourself. Often this three way interaction is sadly lacking. — gc


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