Kaspersky: Good, bad or fake news?



“Wise men are not pacifists; they are merely less likely to jump up and retaliate against their antagonizers. They know that needless antagonizers are virtually already insecure enough.” –  Criss JamiKillosophy

A  V I S C E R A L   P R E S I D E N T  I N   U N C E R T A I N  T I M E S

Is the red necked Trump United States of America becoming embroiled in an unofficially sanctioned cyber pissing match with Russia to the point where the Kaspersky Lab Cyber Security Systems that millions of American business and home  users use and trust is being summarily ridiculed and thrown under the technological bus?

Is the White House cyber security guru maligning a dependable and trusted product in order to fatten his own coffers from the sale of American made products that fall short by the wayside?

It appears that The Don is experiencing what may be politely labelled a mild male menopausal moment of confusion and letting his frothing emotions and common good sense be bandied about this way and that by the ill winds of fickleness and indecision.

I have used the Kaspeersky security product for years and will not let speculation and innuendo sway me from not using this product.

When Putin and Trump were kissing cousins everything of Russian influence was freely endorsed and touted by the White House.

Now that Trump views Putin as a “bad dude” there is no telling how far his administration will go to align other countries that do not kowtow to him and kiss the hem of his robes of power.

It is a shame that such illogical and confused thinking still has a staunch data base of followers who are led by promises of greatness while producing mega sized failures and flops. –gc




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2 Comments on Kaspersky: Good, bad or fake news?

  1. The Russians are the best hackers in the business, therefore when it comes to protecting against what they know so much about, it figures they are going to produce one of the best products on the market .

    I’ve just renewed my Kaspersky subscription for another two years and anyway, who in their right mind is going to take notice of Trump?

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    • I just renewed my subscription to the product for another year. If they are engaged in a political pissing match then let’s not make it a public spectacle. There are places for things like that (1) back alleys, (2) public urinals (3) Breitbart ( a great public toilet) of toxic trash.

      People are noticing that Trump might not be playing with a full mental deck of cards. Perhaps someone should hack into his confused mind and offer him a face saving way out his his current predicament?

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