No tweets means no condemnation



“Protester would be carried out on a stretcher in the good old days. ”  Donald J. Trump

A  T R U E   B L U E   P R I C K ( L  E)  I N   O V A L  O F F I C E 

What do you do as president of the United States when a good majority of your political supporters ( the extreme right, neo-nazis, KKK members and other assorted flakes and kooks) stage a protest demonstration and violence erupts.

Well “The Donald” appears to have given these right-wing rowdies a mere slap on the wrist and put his head tightly up his ass so as not to offend his staunch supporters.

And yes I forgot to mention that their violent actions did not even inspire the old man to Tweet his public loathing of such shenanigans and civil disobedience.

Secretly Trump might be proud of his unofficial goon squads who prefer terrorist tactics to peaceful assembly and social tolerance.

It is downright criminal that the man in the Oval Office is not afraid to wave a red flag in front of  Kim Jong Un ( a man who could literally end reality with the press of a button) and yet cower before the might and muscle of the KKK, skin heads and other demented anti social members of American society.

I guess if your political platform openly promotes violence then you would consider yourself to be a hypocrite if you condemned your avid followers for performing your secret fantasies.

Cathartic release of energy is now the might and muscle of the country.

God help us all. — gc


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9 Comments on No tweets means no condemnation

  1. I wonder what Jared Krushner is thinking now. His father-in-law’s supporters are brazenly displaying swastika flags … that means they openly support Nazi ideas. Krushner is Jewish, of course.

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  2. I couldn’t even watch the whole video, its so sickening. When is this going to end? It is a nightmare isn’t it, gc? Please wake me up.

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  3. I started a practice of my own today. And I will do the same thing every day that I wake up until that shitbird is out of office.

    I go to his twitter account and type: #donnieisadraftdodgingcoward

    It makes me feel better.

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