Shucking the formal for the casual

Belle of the ball




Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.” — Kiera Cass

I stumbled upon this pair of fancy dress shoes which had been abandoned by its wearer the Saturday night before. This was a Sunday morning and I wondered if a bewildered Cinderella had either lost or abandoned her footwear from the night before. On Monday morning I passed by the site again and noticed that a mall maintenance worker cleaning out the refuse bins had intentionally left the shoes behind possibly with the hopes that a real life Prince Charming would discover the shoes and search the neighborhood for his lost love. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction if you are a romantic at heart. — gc

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11 Comments on Shucking the formal for the casual

  1. This is so sweet! That maintenance worker has a kind heart.

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  2. I love this, and romance lives!! Which is the most important note here, the maintenance guy is one, for sure.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Always the romantic Gerry and I love it.

    So from one romantic to another… Here is my condensed version of the fairy tale.

    The glittering palace ball was held on Friday night, and ah what a night it was!
    On Saturday morning following a sleepless and restless night, the very charming prince found his beautiful Cinderella. The abandoned slipper from the night before did indeed fit her delicate and dainty foot.
    As a token of his new found and everlasting love the prince placed a ring on her finger and the pair lived happily ever after 💏

    Flying past the Mall on her way home, the kind and romantic Fairy God-mother placed the enchanted slippers next to a bin in the hope that another maiden would happen by and find they are a perfect fit.
    The End

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  4. Maybe they just hurt her feet and she decided she didn’t want them anymore. Sometimes reality Trumps fantasy.

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  5. Great post gc

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