These wise guys work in plain sight


“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.” ― L. Frank Baum,

T H E   F O G G I E S T  N O T I O N  O F  T H E I R  A C T I O N S


This is the second in a three-part series regarding cunning, deception, gall and illegal activity. This appears to be an experienced mobile bike chop shop.

The alleged thefts involve my neighbor and his friends and associates who decided this past weekend to use a nearby tree in a schoolyard as a place to hide stolen cycles The way they placed the bikes in the trees is truly ingenious.

Some of the players in this melodrama are brazen while others seek shelter behind available tress and shrubbery.

Today’s installment: The Crew.


You truly have to respect and admire the criminal mind’s ability to convert an illegal action into something that on the surface appears to be just another day in the park.

The man in the inset on the left visits a certain apartment suite in my building a great deal…usually after 11 p.m. In my opinion he is a player and knows how to manipulate events to suit his needs.

Himself and his sweetheart who resides in a fourth floor suite are known to the local police as persons of interest and both of them are on welfare and other forms of social assistance.

Until recently I thought their other source of revenue was from collecting discarded bottles and cans ( beer, pop and soda).

The events of the past weekend have opened my eyes and alerted me to the fact that this guy has a crew that he can call into action on a moments notice.

The guy wearing the peak cap and t-shirt working intently on the bike chassis was oblivious to his surroundings and used his own cycle and the child carrier attached to it to haul his tools and other instruments needed to perform a hack job on the three cycles they hoisted up in the tree branches the night before.

In this scenario a number of their friends pretended to play soccer near the work area and passersby turned their heads the other way as they walked by the area.

I thought there was a child sitting in the red carrier but later realized that it stored the guy’s tolls of the trade.

It took the chop team over two hours to complete the cycle renovations. 

The main character in this tale of deception completed his work and then thoroughly policed the area to ensure nothing of his afternoon activities remained.

Before he left he placed one cannibalized unit back into its tree branch sheltered nook.

It should be noted that they worked quietly and cleaned up the area of all the mess they had created there.   —  gc


                                                           …… aftermath of an afternoon (cont)




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