Lust for power permeates Oval Office



“The basis of tragedy is man’s helplessness against disease, war and death; the basis of comedy is man’s helplessness against vanity (the vanity of love, greed, lust, power).   —  Dawn Powell


The following film content contains language that once was considered foul and offensive. But since the Mooch has entered the political arena it has become common place. The actions of the main character in the video (Joe Pesci) might well be adopted by a man who publicly described himself as a “front stabber”. Just so ya know.-  gc

R O U G H   A N D   T U M L B E   G O V E R N A N C E  

Hey…now do you finally capiche?

Running a country at one time involved political savvy, finesse, a modicum of experience and a number of acquired social and intellectual attributes and attitudes that many Harvard Law School  graduates garner over time.

But the new unorthodox style of “The Don” combined with the swagger and the unmitigated gall of his recently hired  two-bit gangster and Pulp Fiction goon enforcer ” The Mooch “has gained national acceptance in the White House.

There is an aura of personal empowerment encouraging many once loyal staff members to become common stool pigeons and rat on the less than honorable shenanigans taking place in the new Washington D.C. based Trump Tower.

Like many “dons” before him this sensitive president has hired the likes of an Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci to  help plug the leaks plaguing his Oval Office.

The Mooch’s language is colorful and not quite what polite Washington social circles are used to but his thunder and his manly approach to”clearing the decks”of all potential leaking has become the rule of the day.

But his Capone like approach to ruling the roost is a bit far-fetched when the state of Alaska is threatened by mealy-mouthed minions enforcing the fiat of a “front stabber “which the Mooch claimed himself to be.

This unbridled lust and corruption of power is another example of how much of a lame duck president Trump really has become.

Looking to a mob like enforcer to do your dirty work is the sign of weakness. —  gc

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16 Comments on Lust for power permeates Oval Office

  1. ..and Mrs Mooch wants out. Smartest woman on the planet right now…

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  2. Okay, I hope you don’t get ruffled feathers, just stating an opinion. I just debated whether to put on the scene from Gran Tourino where Walt shows Tao how to talk like a man in the barbershop. I didn’t because it would probably be offensive to many. I did like the movie and I thought that scene was funny. We never talked like that in our family, even the kids don’t, and I’m not condoning it. I saw your post and thought to myself, that doesn’t seem your usual style. But then, I don’t know you, really.

    Swearing and ethnic name calling are two different things, imo. Scorsese and Tarantino are probably not my favorite directors. I’m not into mobsters or gangster movies.

    I have to wonder how long this administration will last, hopefully not four years. I hope you’re doing fine and keeping cool!☺️

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    • The Mooch is the Mooch.What can anyone really say huh? I too abhor his offensive language But remember that Trump recommends that police officers rough up the people they arrest for violent crimes. SO the new mind set is being establish language and all.

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      • I think he is a coward himself so uses others to do the dirty work. I am just upset with him and politics of the US under him, in general

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      • It is amazing that while in the United States we are all focusing on the correct political posture there is a mad man in North Korea set on destroying the country. It’s time to quit the petty bickering and get on with governing.

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      • I think that is one good thing Trump has done. He has stirred us up, making us pay more attention to the world around us and ending complacency.

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      • Yes he has one ONE good thing. Another would be for him to retire. He keeps forgetting that North Korea is playing a form of Russian roulette wherein one of their test launches will contain that dreaded nuclear payload. Oh well he does a nice smile.

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  3. In reply to the Rugby lady… You’re right you don’t know Gerry very well but as his partner, I do, and I understand why he included the video.

    The content is definitely not Gerry’s style but it is someone else’s and that was the point of showing us the clip. An attempt to draw a parallel, albeit somewhat exaggerated.

    As for myself, I watched for a few seconds… Got it, understood and switched off. Not my style either.

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