The Lady is Fragrant

Sometimes making sense of a scent is scintillating. But they are part of life. — gc

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Orgaza body veil

Many years ago I overheard someone describe a person as fragrant – “The lady is fragrant.” I was quite taken with the phrase and knew immediately that it was going to be the new term with which to describe me.  I intended to be a fragrant lady!

All I can say is… I did my best!

However, I never forget to wear perfume. My favourite fragrance  being Organza by Givenchy, I have others, but always return to this one.Orgaza perfume

One day after making complimentary remarks about my fragrance, a friend re-named it Orgazma, and from that moment on, before I speak, I have to think carefully when asked “What perfume are you wearing?”  And my answer is always accompanied by a smile!

Written in response to the Daily word-prompt ‘Fragrance

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5 Comments on The Lady is Fragrant

  1. haha I like it. where can I get some orgazma? I also always wear the same perfume, have since I was 15. I sometimes wonder if others are reminded of me when coming across my fragrance on someone else. do they like it or hate it depending how they felt about me.

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    • Two good points for debate. Does a person’s perfume stimulate positive and sensuous feelings towards others or has past experience robbed the intended wearer of the opportunity to put their best scent forward? The further question is this: If you buy the fragrance and the folks who experience the fragrance had a bad experience with someone in their past that clouded the scent then what do you do? Would placing a drop of Witch Hazel behind each ear do the trick? Who knows?

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      • wow you think like I do

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      • Thank you for the compliment. Men wearing the wrong type of cologne have just as many issues as women and the special fragrances.

        I once knew a man who did not get a job because the man that was fired before him wore the same cologne and color of tie.

        It is subtle but important to realize that some attitudes towards a scent does not really make that much sense.

        Thank you for your comment. Always welcomed nd appreciated. 🙂

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      • I like to think that the Orgazma fragrance was all down to me, Organza mixed with my own personal scent. After all don’t we all emit our own unique fragrance. Just a thought!!

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