What Do You See?

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Yorkshire hosted the 2014 Grand Départ of the Tour de France, 2.5m people lined the route over two days. Building on the success of that event, there is now an annual Tour de Yorkshire cycle race.

The sight of static colourful bicycles dotted around towns and villages and showing off their vibrant flower baskets has become the norm.

Recently I took photographs of two bikes near my home. Take a close look at the green one. At first glance there appears to be nothing unusual about it. Look again, focus towards the top of the front wheel and tell me what you see!

Bike 2Post Edit – It appears (or not appears) to be an elusive illusion for some of you. Focus and stare at the front wheel of the green bike, squint if necessary, it may help.

Can you see it? What you see is there and what you see is not…

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