The proper hints of lighting sell veggies




“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” —  Doug Larson

H A M   A C T O R S   A N D  V E G G I E S   N E E D  L I G H T I N G

Have you ever purchased a bunch of supposedly “ripe”bananas in your favorite grocery store only to bring them home and discover that you would need a prehensile tail to enjoy them properly?

The prominently displayed very yellow and edible item when viewed at home in normal lighting turn out to be as green as a leprechaun’s hat.

Bowl of plantains

And the funny things is this bunch of spotlighted bananas never ever seem to ripen and make the grade. They take on the ever green color of plantains and you as the unwary consumer feel duped.

Well you have fallen victim to a marketing maneuver that influences your taste buds more than your logic.  The proper display case and over head lighting ensembles help sell these inedible products to many shoppers.

One time a new employee made a mistake and placed a significant amount of plantains into the banana display. Both were green and he mistakenly thought they were the same product.

A few days later as the bananas matured and attained their golden-yellow the plantains started turning black. 

The clerk asked the department manager what happened to the “fresh” bananas.

The experienced department manager told the embarrassed employee that he had made a “rookie” mistake and had confused the one item with another.

Needless to say I do not work in supermarkets anymore. –gc


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20 Comments on The proper hints of lighting sell veggies

  1. Well. plantains are a kind of banana!


  2. Ha! Oh, Gerry….. !

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  3. That’s the old sense of humor I like!😂

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  4. I’ve never seen a plantain in this country, that’s not to say they aren’t imported, it’s far more likely that where I live is a little too provincial!


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