Parents cringe at children’s opinions?


“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.” —  Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo).

D O   G R O W N   C H I L D R E N   R U L E   Y O U R   L I F E ?


This is a rhetorical think piece dedicated to all those parents whose grown children have left the nest and yet hold some type of moral suasion over their lives as to whom they should date, have an involvement with or even conduct their own affairs. At times these parents cringe with fear as they do not want to upset their children. But what about their own happiness in life?


We all know that there comes a time when parents must let their children go into the adult world to be on their own, live their own lives, establish their own families and careers and make their way in the world.

Cutting the proverbial “apron strings” for many parents is a tough thing to do especially if one of their children is a problem child or one who has special needs. But under normal circumstances years of parental guidance and support usually makes this transition a smooth one.

But do parents in turn not have the right to live their lives the way they want and enjoy new experiences free from their adult children’s criticisms and concerns?

Death, divorce and other unforeseen circumstances tend to impinge on many couple’ marital vows and commitments and when this happens distraught and confused parents turn to their children for moral support but at times receive rebuke, criticism and estrangement.

Widows, widowers, divorces and other folks finding themselves alone later in life continue to seek the approval of family members who seem unable to let go of their parents as parents and not people harboring their own needs and pursuits.

Single parents are placed into stereotypical roles that makes them more acceptable to their children who would rather see their parent depressed and forlorn and dependent on them rather than vibrant, alive, joyful and filled with enthusiasm for life and living.

There should be a tipping point at which grown children accept their parents as adults and equals who have supported them through their growing years and now can be appreciated for themselves in their golden years of life.

Adult children need to realize that parents are not their personal chattel answerable to them.

There comes a time when the children should set their parents free to enjoy life and offer them moral support and encouragement to enjoy life in the here and now . 

Are your own grown children treating you fairly or are you a prisoner to their unrealistic whims and demands?  — gc



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11 Comments on Parents cringe at children’s opinions?

  1. I’ve seen the role reversal creep up on people without them realising until it appears too late. But it’s never too late to take back control and assert own rights.

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  2. Great piece! Makes you think about life in a different perspective.

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    • Thanks for commenting Sophie. I think this rhetorical think piece is a two way street: children overly protecting their parents and parents consciously allowing their children to dominate their every action.

      It really is a delicate and fine line that all parties concerned have to negotiate.

      Adult children have to realize that their mother / father have to make decisions that will make them happen and not always comply with their children’s unwarranted demands.

      Fair and equal treatment and consideration for both parents and children should be the rue and not the exception.

      Have an enjoyable day Sophie. Take care. Be safe. 🙂

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  3. I am among the most fortunate of parents!

    My daughter is supportive of EVERYTHING I do. I have a “significant other” who she isn’t particularly fond of, but she encourages me to spend time with him, and is happy for me when I am happy.

    I am a smoker, which I’m sure she hates, but she will even buy my cigarettes and never criticizes. We have a fun relationship, laugh together, cry together, and more often than not she asks my advice and opinion, and … even listens!!!

    I am blessed and I am thankful every day!


  4. Hey Gerry! Very well said! X

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  5. Thankfully no 🙂 But sadly I have seen children call their parents specially the mother to look after their children. Parents had to bring up their children and then their grandchildren.

    There is no freedom from responsibilities for them. Children should understand that their parents need to be free from such responsibilities.


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