Is Trump care really “chump” care ?



“Mystical references to society and its programs to help may warm the hearts of the gullible but what it really means is putting more power in the hands of bureaucrats.  —  Thomas Sowell

P A P E R   P O L I C I A N S   O R   W O L V E S  

We have been “informed” many times by the fake news media that President Donald J. Trump sits alone in his bedroom and watches a lot of television trying to piece together and make sense of the national mess and daily controversy that he and his band of geniuses have created and unleashed in the country.

I wonder if “The Donald” has a copy of the Josef “Papa” Stalin biography which probably outlines the trials and tribulations of that man as he desperately tried to not only take desperate measures to save his own country from chaos and ruin at the same time continue to hold a place of love and deep admiration in the hearts of his ever faithful but at times naive fellow countrymen?

Many news reporters on the Cable Network News channel (CNN) have labelled Trump’s pending health care bill a “wolf in sheep clothing”. 

It is being produced behind closed doors, a minimum amount of time fore debate ( roughly ten hours) and then foisted on the government to pass on to a worried and skeptical public.

The “behind closed doors” and secretive nature of the bill’s construction represent’s more of an attempt by a Stalinist regime to eagerly give the people what they desperately need while at the same time meeting a self-imposed July 4th deadline.

This sense of immediacy could be likened to a man who takes that magical blue pill only to discover that his date for that night has cancelled out at the last moment. That would be a bitter and hard pill to swallow.

Rushing such important legislation through congress requires a godly amount of debate and amending and can only lead to another failure for the man who has done everything to make the country look foolish, isolated and alone in an uncaring universe.

I wonder if Stalin is in his grave applauding this foolish man who is careless enough to let his unbridled ego lead to the political demise of his troubled country? –gc


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13 Comments on Is Trump care really “chump” care ?

  1. In reply to the title you posted with this piece: Yes. Yes. it is. Sad for us innit?

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  2. 4th July? No way… We’re not taking responsibility for him as well!

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  3. Would that be red or white? 😆 🍷


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