Trash radiates from garbage dumpsters




“Water and air , the two essential elements on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” —  Unknown. 

R E F U S E   C R E A T E S   P U B L I C   E Y E S O R E  

Last week workmen raced to update a number of empty apartment units that were in dire need of an update.

Cabinetry and carpeting in the suites were removed and hastily tossed into the trash containers which were provided primarily for tenants.

Over the past few days frustrated residents using the bins had to literally make do and arrange their green garbage bags as best they could until the regularly scheduled Monday garbage pickup .

I sent an email message requesting that management try to schedule an extra refuse pickup whenever an unusual amount of suite reconstruction takes place.

Only time will tell what course of action they will follow. — gc

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5 Comments on Trash radiates from garbage dumpsters

  1. Management is at fault here for lack of forward planning and not providing what we would call a Skip before any of the renovations took place. Surely that kind of rubbish shouldn’t be mixed with domestic waste, is that allowed?


    • It’s not really allowed but “expeditious”. I spoke with the onsite manager this morning. The site was immaculate this morning. She said she would talk with the repair staff. Al we can do I guess. 🙂

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  2. Your property managers need a visit from the local board of health. Maybe when they do renovations they should have a temporary dumpster in place rather than use the bin set aside for residents. Shame on them for allowing the situation to get out of control.


    • I agree with your comment 100 per cent. This is especially true during the month end move outs and ins. The matter was further complicated by the fact that the carpenters and other trades people were renovating a few suites and no one thought to call for a bin backup.


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