Trump cowers from political controversy

On the road again!



“You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”— Abraham Lincoln

W O R L D   P E A C E   O R   P E A C E   O F   M I N D  ?

What exactly is President Trump’s motive for travelling to the Middle East :  securing an easing of tensions in that troubled area or more realistically avoiding the turmoil and unrest his “unorthodox” style of governing and secret sharing had created in the White House among Republicans and Democrats alike?

A recent news report indicated that NATO meeting content, including speeches and talks, will be limited to two minutes because the attending members realize that Trump has a short attention span, gets bored easily and has this penchant to Tweet his displeasure with those people and events that upset him.

His utter disregard for the security measures and secrets of other countries are really of no concern to him as he glibly and easily discusses trusted allies security measures and other affairs of state of known Russian spies and political apparatchiks.

It appears that “The Don” is skipping town to avoid any possible political flack that might embarrass him in his quest for world peace and divinity.

His recent threat to the press that he might cancel future briefings and conduct such briefings himself every two weeks has raised many eyebrows among members of the Fourth Estate.

But if he did conduct such interviews on his limited schedule his announcements would have been spot on concerning the massive naval armada’s presence off the North Korean coastline a few weeks ago.

By that time though Kim Jong-Un might have launched his missiles, turned the area into rubble, and had time to flee his devastated country. How’s that fr up to the minute reporting?

The press corps will button-hole Mr T. on his pilgrimage of salvation to the Middle East.

Hopefully his blustery rhetoric and unabashed take charge mentality will not create further unrest in this politically tense part of the world.  —  gc





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  1. Read Jill today?😉

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  2. Well said. I’ve already done a couple of posts on Trump. My first ever post was The Emperors new clothes- check it out if you can. I’m about to do another one.

    This man is incorrigible.


  3. Perfect quote for a great post.

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  4. Perfect quote to start a great post!

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  5. Thank you. Have an enjoyable weekend.


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