Many times collaboration IS the answer



“Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you hang out with them they check their phone every minute.”   —   Anonymous.

M A K I N G   A L L   T H E   P I E C E S   F I T

The expression that no man is an island can many times be rephrased to state that every man should live on an island …at least for sanity sake.

The past few days have been especially harrowing  as the warmer weather approaches, people are moving their indoors outdoors and friends are visiting other friends and leaving their means of transportation ( in this instance bicycles) securely chained to  a porch railing while creating safety concerns for residents.

On Friday evening I detected smoke from a barbecue entering my suite’s kitchen windows and balcony doors. There was a great deal of smoke about and I realized that someone had over marinated their meats and were cooking them outdoors on their barbecue.

The problem was in the positioning of the barbecue unit.The main floor units have concrete patios and a mini rock garden for plants and shrubs. The resident had placed the unit on the rock garden and began cooking disregarding any fire law safety concerns.

I once lived in a third floor unit and the family below my suite lived to barbecue. The only problem : they overly marinated their meats and the updraft carried the smoke into my flat. A few times the fire department was almost called to stop the billowing amounts of smoke. The woman was deaf to my pleas that she change the way she cooked her food.

In another matter visitors to one tenant living in a fourth floor suite has friends, family and guests chain their bicycles to the back door railings. Seniors in the building have to navigate their way around the obstruction as carefully as they can.

A few weeks ago a larger bicycle was left on the railings for three days. It is a nuisance especially when they link three or four cycles together.

On a third matter Friday afternoon as I was working in the back bedroom office I heard a commotion n the lawn outside my window. I could not see what was happening there. I use bubble wrap on the windows and that allows me privacy from passersby.

I finally did sneak a peek through the bubble wrap and noticed a dark-skinned man jumping up and down, waving his arms in the arm and shouting out some kind of chant.

In his right hand he held  a dead chicken by the neck and was swinging it about in the air. It was intimidating. The last time I witnessed a similar act was over three years ago when another neighbor crossed the street to the schoolyard, knelt down near a tree, said a brief prayer over a live chicken and then slit its throat. He then spread the squirting blood about the base of the tree.

So what does this all have to do with collaboration? Well , I took photos, made notations and sent three email messages to the rental office explaining my complaints and concerns.

The approach worked . The resident female manager this morning contacted all the parties concerned in the three separate incidents and issued them written warnings.

Hopefully the guy with the chicken fetish was only a friend of a friend and does not live on the premises.

Collaboration and co-operation helps to rectify many real life situations. — gc

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Quote of the week: Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. --- Dennis Prager

19 Comments on Many times collaboration IS the answer

  1. Very interesting blog Gerry! People who are so insensitive to others need to be told! I hope the coming days are a little more peaceful! 😃

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    • Thank you Pat. Notices have been issued to the offending parties except the man and his chicken. Hopefully he does not live in the building and has found another place to roost. 🙂

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  2. They allow hardly anything on our tiny cement slabs loosely labeled patios. I can’t get out to mine anyway, over the sliding door track. If I could I would probably have a small hibachi.😊

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  3. Chicken sacrifices? Exactly where are you, Gerry?😂

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  4. And that my love is precisely why you are on the buildings committee. You not only stand up for your own rights but you frequently stand up for and protect the rights of others. The other residents owe you a vote of thanks.
    Many of us put up with situations because we feel uncomfortable complaining. Well done x

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  5. I would hope the building manager supported you since you’re kind enough to shovel snow from the walkways.

    In the movie Major League they gave Pedro Cerano a bucket of KFC when he wanted to sacrifice a chicken.

    Just a thought if the chicken-sacrificer shows up again.

    Good post.


  6. Wow, the guy swinging the chicken around sounds scary! You handled the situation perfectly Gerry!

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    • Thank you. I discovered it does not make sense to confront a man waving a chicken in the air as liberally and as dedicated as this guy was. Besides, that might have been his way of saying grace before meals and after a good thrashing. 🙂

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