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Modern day despots need memorial site

A little off the top



“Fear is the State’s psychological weapon of choice to frighten citizens into sacrificing their basic freedoms and rule-of-law protections in exchange for the security promised by their all-powerful government.” ― Philip G. Zimbardo

Mount Rushmore has been given a new facelift and pays public tribute to those enlightened individuals ( Trump, Putin, Kim Jung Un and o course Steve Bannon) who have made themselves prominent in the first 100 days of President Donald Trumps presidency. None of them are “bad dudes” but do profess a twisted view of the world around them.The images were carved atop an abandoned mountain of coal. All hail to the chiefs…I guess.  – gc

M O D E R N  T R I B U T E  T O  I N F A M Y

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Quote of the week: “What is true is already so. Owning up to it doesn't make it worse. Not being open about it doesn't make it go away. And because it's true, it is what is there to be interacted with. Anything untrue isn't there to be lived. People can stand what is true, for they are already enduring it.” ― Eugene T. Gendlin, Focusing

10 Comments on Modern day despots need memorial site

  1. You know Santa leaves coal in bad boys’ stockings ; )

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  2. I would only add Erdogan … well, actually there are several others I would add, but Erdogan stands out. 🙂

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  3. Thanks! And now … guess who’s coming to dinner? Trump has invited Duterte to visit the WH! 😦

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