They put bit of zip into your rental nest

Be it ever so humble..



“There’s nothing I like better than going to my apartment, closing the door, cooking my little dinner for one and just tuning out. My apartment really is my haven. It’s a nest where I go to heal. ” —   Tim Gunn

M E R E L Y  A   M A T T E R  O F   T I M E

A person’s home ( suite, loft, castle or mansion) is the place where they return to at night after a fatiguing day of work, sit back and relax in their easy chair put their tired feet up and forget about the crazy world outside their closed and securely locked door. 

It is their refuge from the latest insanity of the moment and over time needs to be spruced up and renovated. If you own your own residence then you and your significant other make plans to upgrade the state of your living quarters.

If you rent or lease your living space then you are then given the additional option of changing residences whenever you wish and only experiencing the inconvenience of searching for and locating a different suite , contacting furniture movers, setting up your utilities and then of course your cable company. 

Many companies in the rental business have in-house personnel trained to not only up grade the old fixtures of their suites but also install the new cabinetry, lighting and plumbing fixtures, haul away the old fridges and stoves and of course throw out the kitchen sinks.

Last week as I was returning home from my weekly grocery shopping outing I noticed the interior guts of one recently abandoned suite placed carefully and meticulously on the lawn by the building’s front door.

Julius, the man in charge of this site’s upgrade team, and his fellow worker had spent the greater part of the week tearing up carpeting, removing an old fridge and stove, uprooting  kitchen and bathroom fixtures and placing the whole lot of it on the lawn.

The photos for this article were taken on a Friday afternoon when the weather was warm and bright and sunny and no one was aware that an early morning Saturday snowfall would carpet the area in deep  wet snow.

So, this article is written to applaud those men and women who do the behind the scenes construction to ensure their rental properties are comfortable and updated for potential future renters and their families. 

A tip of the hat to applaud them for a job well done. —  gc


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8 Comments on They put bit of zip into your rental nest

  1. I always make friends with maintenance. 1 I get better service. 2 I make more friends.
    They are good people and I always let them know what a good job they’re dong.

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  2. My builder was brilliant and he was very well paid for his efforts, Then again he and his team did a fantastic job on my home.

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  3. A surprise ending to the story. Did they get it picked up before the snowfall?😂

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  4. This quote speaks the heart of truth! How have I never heard of this man? I shall do some research. 🙂

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