“I’m becoming an avid snow shoveler”

Climate change huh?




“A snowdrift is a beautiful thing – if it doesn’t lie across the path you have to shovel or block the road that leads to your destination.” —     Hal Borland

Well folk it looks like spring in these here parts is going to be a little shorter this year. Another surprise snow storm visited the area over night and dumped another load of the stuff on the area. Hard to imagine that it was only Thursday afternoon when the children at the school across the field were playing soccer. Oh well this was the mushy type of snow. —  gc

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to face the fact that some season’s want to stick around as long as possible. This year it’s a lonesome winter that is digging its heels in for the supposed long haul.

This last batch of snow fell hard and heavy in the area. But this is a late winter / early spring type of snow which means it is mushy, wet and difficult to remove if you are not in shape to do so.

I have discovered that there are some tricks and tips you can use to spare your back and energy when handling those types of snowfall:

(1) Dress warm and wear boots. You’ll be walking in water for the long haul.

(2) Realize that this kind of snow is not only great for making snowballs but also tends to bunch up into huge balls of stubborn mush.

(3) Evaluate the work area. The snow is easier to remove if no one has driven on it or walked on it overnight. This type of removal approach involves breaking the work area into planned and definite mini chunks and working as quickly as possible.

(4) If possible try not to over strain yourself and take a few well deserved rest breaks.

(5) Pray for warmer weather with each  shovelful of snow you remove.  

(6) If possible hire a couple of neighborhood kids to d the work for you. 

(7) Pray for spring in earnest. — gc



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12 Comments on “I’m becoming an avid snow shoveler”

  1. Good advice on so many levels!

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  2. Praying real hard for #7 for you, Gerry.

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  3. Good snowman weather but horrible to drive in. Had to cancel Friday dr appt because of it. Lots of accidents here, fatal one on I-80.

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  4. And we had the most beautiful day. Sitting out for the first time this year, enjoying the sun on our faces and our bare arms was most welcomed.

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