Oval Office’s new color tone: opaque

Tax audit clouds issue




“In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart.” Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

I M P A S S I O N E D   P L E A S   F O R  A C T I O N

Today April 18th 2017 is Tax Day.

It is the deadline for United States residents to file details of their income to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) so that their liability for income tax can be assessed.

Everyone is obliged to file their taxes today unless their files are being scrutinized by a so call Eternal audit. Then you have unofficial permission to either fudge your records or scheme up excuses to delay the tax man’s wrath.

Yesterday more than 100,00o people marched in the United States demanding that President Trump release his tax return documents.

An apparently imposed  sense of security in the Oval Office seems to be limiting the issues of transparency and the new obliqueness coloring the White House.

Mr Trump responding to reporters questions in a gobbledygook  manner either dismissed the issue or gave his standard reply that his files were “being audited”. 

Billionaires it seems can thwart the taxman and public interest when issues of wealth and income are concerned.

The old adage “Do as I say (“pay your taxes”) and not as I do (“They’re being audited”) seems to be the mindset for this particular tax deadline date. —  gc


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7 Comments on Oval Office’s new color tone: opaque

  1. I agree with you say but can’t help thinking that most of us would try and get away with just a little bit if we could.

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  2. Yes and in my experience no one knows what they would do until faced with that decision.


  3. I wish I thought marching would work. I hate this feeling of having no say or power with this administration.


  4. I paid mine and insist that our president – who is, in reality, our employee – pay his too.
    What city is that video from? All was fine here in New York on Tax March Day.

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