Easter Bunny delivers snowfall to area

Happy Easter !




“The snow itself is lonely or, if you prefer, self-sufficient. There is no other time when the whole world seems composed of one thing and one thing only.”  —    Joseph Wood Krutch

Well folks it’s official. The Easter Bunny pulled a belated April Fool joke later this year than expected and delivered a basketful of snow to the immediate area.

The incoming weather pattern took everyone by surprise.  Two days before the front’s arrival it had been raining continuously all day and night long ( spotty showers and the like).

This morning when I woke up the unexpected wet snow-covered the area and began a melting cycle as soon as the daytime temperatures started hovering above the freezing mark.

The photo on the left shows the marshmallow coating on the many evergreen tress in the area.

The photo on the right shows the results of my hour-long effort to shovel the white and almost fluffy stuff of the steps and walkways for our unit.

I prefer the dry snow for the simple fact that the wet stuff is mushers and takes more effort to remove from the steps and walk. Could have used a Zamboni machine to clear the area.

But after over one hour of struggling , huffing and puffing the job was completed.

Hopefully the snowfall will subside and all those Easter egg hunts planned for Sunday will be able to take place without the threat of postponement.

By the way the annual White House Easter egg roll will take place as scheduled only this year the yolks of the eggs will have GPS tracking to enable staff members to more effectively account for each and every egg  hidden on the White House lawn.

It was reported that the frisky rabbit did not have the proper security clearance and was summarily banned from the festivities. 

Oh well, the yolk is on all of us. — gc




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11 Comments on Easter Bunny delivers snowfall to area

  1. Good gosh, Gerry–more snow?!
    Oh yeah, the Easter egg roll….somehow I don’t see Trump out there having a good time with this….

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  2. So envious of the snow…not the sidewalk! Absolutely no real snow in our part of Texas this year…I keep saying…I was supposed to live in Colorado!

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  3. Is the snow likely to last until Sunday?

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  4. Hi! I loved this, much “cuter” than usual.😉🐣🐥

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  5. Mother Nature seems unable to decide between winter and summer. 82 degrees here today, but we had snow last weekend. I think there will be no spring … only a bouncing back-and-forth between winter & summer.

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  6. Let me guess. You shoveled off those steps by yourself while your neighbors peeked out at you from inside. And once you finished, they couldn’t get out fast enough. Sure hope somebody at least said thank you.

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    • That my friend was one heck of a good guess. I live on a rental property and there are maintenance groundskeepers about BUT their start time and tenants start times differ greatly especially on the weekends and more so on holiday weekends.

      Over the years I have become proactive which means when a large amount of snow makes sidewalks difficult to manage I am out there with my wide plastic shovel ( industrial grade) and my snow brush to wipe the stuff off my car’s windshield.

      Until a few years ago I sprung for the cost of the shovel when the old one broke. For the last few years the rental managers have provided me with the shovel I need. Not a bad deal really.

      There are a number of seniors in the complex I live in and one single mother has a handicapped child and needs the walkway cleared during the school week. I don’t mind doing the work. I clean the steps and the small pathway leading to the parking lot.

      I wasn’t always so proactive but one day when I was leaving my suite to go to work on an afternoon shift I lost my footing on an iced up walkway and nearly had a very bad experience. My feet left the ground and I almost had a head bump on the concrete sidewalk. Luckily I tucked my head in close to my chest and avoided serious problems there.

      So yes you are right the other tenants rush out after the walk is cleared but I am happy that someone did something to make the place safer. I guess I’m that kinda guy.

      Happy Easter to you and yours. Enjoy the day. 🙂

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