Blindly following Trump is foolhardy

“Quite the rush baby!”




“Gave order to knock out Syrian airfield last night. Trust me, better than Warhammer or Call of Duty, and I’ve played ALL versions!” —  President Donald J. Trump.

A   M A N   O U T   G U N N E D   B Y   R E A L I T Y 

Are you beginning to get that queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that a man or woman over the age of 65 is mentally, emotionally and spiritually unfit to fill the serious office of president of the country?

In many tribal cultures the elders are consulted for their wisdom, knowledge of tribal customs and folklore and other essential components that ensure the tribe’s members safety and well-being.

In the Trump White House everything is a joke, fake news, or capable of being experienced in the confine of his private bedroom while dressed in his robe and slippers.

Mr T. downplayed the seriousness of the tomahawk missile assault last week by saying in an off-hand and kidding manner that the firing of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syrian targets on Thursday night was “way better than blasting Ricky Larson with my Super Soaker in the 6th grade.”

President Trump seemed to downplay the seriousness of deploying American military force against a Russian ally.

Pentagon officials were concerned that his trivializing the deployment of deadly missiles against Syria in such a cavalier attitude could be perceived by enemies and allies alike as crude and insensitive.

Well there is the fact that this air base was considered to be politically insignificant, the collateral damage done to it minimal and the fact that the bombings have resumed after this token barrage of older stock missiles.

There is speculation that the missiles were nearing their expiration and that Trump, that jolly old warrior and global defender, would launch them willy nilly and hope the other bad dudes in the hope the world would see that America is not fooling around anymore. What a farce that was.

All he did was make the country a laughing-stock by those countries that are serious about making their marks in the world specifically North Korea and Iran.

Assad’s government did not issue a statement after the bombing attacks on the Al Shayrat airfield. The bombing effort took long enough so that military members of the base would be at coffee break or lunch in a secured bunker area.

An official Russian spokesperson did say that the strikes “would deal a significant blow to relations between Russia and AMerica. But that again is idle speculation. Putin is peeved with Assad and would allow this minimal incursion to quell the feelings of disgust the free world has with Assad’s flagrant violation of the deadly gas agreement.

A man of 70 whose grasp of reality is so cavalier and distorted should not be empowered to lead a country looking for responsible leadership in a time of chaos and fear. –gc

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2 Comments on Blindly following Trump is foolhardy

  1. I am shocked! Seriously! I thought it couldn’t get worse, his foolish and dangerous remarks…but I was wrong. Isn’t there any one person that can shut him up? I’m so discouraged.😟

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