Attack more political than surgical


“In time it will become clear to everyone that support for the policies of pre-emptive war and interventionist nation-building will have much greater significance than the removal of Saddam Hussein itself.”  — Ron Paul.

M I S S L E   A T T A C K   F O R   P O L I T I C A L   G O A L S 

Last night’s U.S. incursion into Syrian airspace with the attendant “targeted damage” at the air base was more political than surgical.

It could be classified as a desperate and non hawkish attempt by the Trump administration to convey to Syria and Vladimir Putin that this sort of barbaric behavior will no longer be tolerated.

Many are stating that the missile attack was a mere tempest in a teapot and that SAM ( Surface to Air Misses) were not used in the offensive. Russia reportedly did have some anti missile detection systems in the area but they were not utilized. A surprising situation.

They say the 59- 1,000 pound Tomahawk missiles inflicted minimal damage at the site. Many of the MiG bombers were housed beneath heavily fortified concrete hangars and the damage inflicted on these assets minimal.

This was more of an attempt to encourage Russian Premier Putin to take a more active role in the political ousting of Assad . It is reported that Putin is “livid” at Assad’s gratuitous use of the remaining canisters of Sarin gas to wreak havoc and destruction on his own people.

The unannounced attack might pave the way for Putin and the US secretary of State Rex Tillerson to discuss the eventual ousting of the Syrian dictator once and for all.

Obama’s 2013 “restrained diplomatic initiative” was able to have the large chemical depots destroyed and Putin was in accord with this political tactic.

However the remaining caches of the gas might have proven to be too tempting for Assad not to employ as a last-ditch attempt of regaining control of rebel forces in his country.

But Assad’s ultimately malevolent action of using the remaining gas on his own people was a last straw.

That action put the Russian leader in the hot seat. There are many Sunni Muslims in Russia and ( Caucasus or Caucasia is a region at the border of Europe and Asia, situated between the Black and the Caspian seas) who view Russia as a backer of the unrest in Syria.

It seems that ISIS praised the attack on the air base…a spinoff the US did not want to happen.

Hillary Clinton at a recent women’s luncheon proved to be a lot more “hawkish” when she declared that in her opinion all the Syrian air bases should be bombed and incapacitated.

Right now there is a lot of sabre rattling going on in Russia and Iran but that is political posturing. Public outrage must be expressed even if it is only for show.

Also keep in mind that Trump’s totally humanitarian and impassioned appeal for support may also be politically motivated. The president of China is after all spending a few day’s with Trump and Mr T. may be showing to the world that he is not afraid to take military action if the circumstances dictate it.

By taking such an “unsanctioned action” the president might be proving to the Chinese president that he is serious about curtailing North Korea’s plans to intimate the world with its own military objectives.

Only time will tell if more “unscheduled” incursions will be employed. — gc

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12 Comments on Attack more political than surgical

  1. I sometimes wish I had Aladdin’s lamp

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  2. Yes but are there enough to make a difference

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  3. I find myself drawing parallels between this situation and the staged coup in Turkey, which I still believe Erdogan helped stage.

    Consider the results in Turkey … purges, complete shutdown of the free press, and more, all in the name of protecting the public via a ‘state of emergency’ whereby Erdogan has given himself nearly unlimited power.

    The stage is set here … the only piece that remains to be placed is some perceived threat, possibly a retaliatory threat, a threat from Putin (with a wink-wink here and a wink-wink there) and bingo! Justification for a declaration of war powers?

    Yes, I suppose I am paranoid, but I simply DO NOT trust Trump!

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    • I applaud you on your keen sense of observation.

      Your use of the word “contrived” is quite accurate and remarkable.

      Using short term hindsight Trump is a Master Manipulator.

      The events of the past number of days were planned The selection of Gorsuch, the arrival of the CHinese president, the missle attack, the reported phone call to Putin one hour before the attack.

      All are suspicious. All are Trmpish moves.

      Al are fake ( contrived) occurrences.

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  4. My theory also … however I am trying to keep an open mind to most possibilities.

    The one possibility that I do not accept is that Trump acted out of humanitarian outrage.

    I am convinced there is a backstory, an ulterior motive here … I am just trying not to sound too much like a conspiracy theorist!

    I’m glad to know I am not alone in my ponderances.

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  5. How compassionate of Trump to care so deeply about Syrian people.

    Funny, out one side of his mouth he claims outrage and concern over the use of chemical weapons by Assad on the people of Syria, and out of the other side of his mouth he includes same Syrian people in a travel ban to the United States.

    His actions are as phony as the tan on his face.

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    • He has no compassion for anyone but himself. Would a man who routinely grabs women by the vagina care for the welfare of innocent children and civilians. I think not. They are merely inconveniences to his presidency. He wants the smotthe rides and dreads the real life complications. In a word he is a phony baloney.

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