Driving on the cusp of public contrition



“That’s the first sign you know you’re a Libertarian. You see the red light. You stop. You realize that there’s not a car in sight. And you put your foot on the gas. ” Β — Gary Johnson

As the weather gets warmer and spring leads into summer have you noticed yourself or other drivers performing an act of “public contrition” for having just run a red light?

I think all drivers who intentionally run a red light have this immediate sense of both dread and fear: dread that they have abandoned their good driving skills to beat a light; fear that a nearby police car will have caught them in this illegal action and issue them a ticket for their indiscretion..

Drivers who have been moving at a snail’s pace between traffic lights are more likely to be guilty of this than the drivers who move along at the posted speed rates.

I have often been stuck behind such pokey drivers who miraculously discover the fact the their foot controls the gas pedal and bolt through a traffic light which had just turned red.

But if you are observant enough and do not curse them for leaving you stuck on the corner waiting for the light to turn green you will notice that the delinquent driver always hits the brake pedal, looks around and then drives away at the safer speed levels reassured of the fact that his momentary reckless bravado did not earn him a traffic citation.

I wonder if this “guilty as charged” reflex is part of poor potty training behavior or a knack they have acquired over the years of not getting caught for running a light.

Whatever the reason it makes good driving sense to not let these types of drivers frustrate you too much.

The law of averages dictates that their day will come when that hidden police cruiser will pull them over to the side of the curb and ticket them accordingly.

Have you ever been guilty of this guilty reflex yourself? — gc




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20 Comments on Driving on the cusp of public contrition

  1. Being a biker, I often have the experience of my motorcycle not having the needed mass to trigger the light. There is that nervous search for a police car in sight, before needing to just go on.

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