Horseradish invades coleslaw territory



“I’m going to marry a Jewish woman because I like the idea of getting up Sunday morning and going to the deli.” —–   Michael J. Fox

A   D E L I  ( C A T E )   S I T U A T I O N 

On Tuesday and Thursday I have fried chicken, potato salad and coleslaw.

I buy it at a nearby delicatessen section of a grocery store and have had no trouble ordering the salads until quite recently.

The problem was one of definition. I discovered that I had inadvertently asked for a “creamy” cole slaw which had now been labelled a “traditional” coleslaw.

I discovered my mistake when I got home, sat at the kitchen table and placed a fork full of the slaw in my mouth.The taste to me was unpalatable. I hastily assumed the slaw was either tainted by expiration or someone added a hint of lighter fluid to the mess.

The physical nature of the slaw had also been altered.The salad I had always order without incident had been more robust and the cabbage leaves there to much on and enjoy.

The salad before me now radiated a bright green tinge and the body of the salad was finely chopped. It appeared to me that the cabbage they used had been thrown willy-nilly into a wood chipping machine.

I nervously finished my supper and returned to the store with the plastic container in my hands and an air of determination to get at the bottom of this mystery.

The woman who took my initial order was there and when I pressed her for an answer she referred me to her immediate supervisor. The game was definitely afoot.

I explained to her my situation as calmly as I could. My tummy was probably rumbling and grumbling from lack of adequate nourishment.

“I asked for a creamy salad and I was given this mess” I told them.

The two women eyeballed one another and then formulated their reply in unison without hesitation.

“You should have asked for the “traditional cole slaw” they told me.

The slaw they gave me was “creamy” and not traditional.

I took a step back, composed myself somewhat and then asked when did this change in salad name begin.

The female supervisor told me that the new product line had recently been introduced.

At that moment I experienced the “ah ha” response of personal discovery.

From now on they told me to ask for the “traditional” slaw whenever I placed my order.

Well and good I suppose.

I told them that the “creamy” slaw tasted badly and was over chopped.

They said that many other customer also complained about the foul-tasting mixture.

I asked them why then did they not discontinue the product line if it was acquiring a nasty reputation.

“Central office determines what we sell here” they told me in unison.

Officially the slaw was given a thumbs up while the customers buying the concoction offered it a dreary thumbs down.

The customer in this instance was not always correct.

By the way, the ingredient used in the slaw was an over abundance of horseradish.

Now I am extremely careful about the slaw that I order. –gc

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