Windows 10 needs rejuvenating elixir




“Computers can bully us. A slow and unreliable system will bring even the toughest soul to their knees as they find themselves completely defenseless against the erratic whims of their rogue machine.”  —   Lou Ferrigno

Is there a diabolically mischievous, hidden intelligence lurking in the guts of your favorite Windows 10 communication device that at times capriciously and intentionally changes the meaning and output of your device?

I am going to go out on the proverbial limb here and say that no matter what communication tool you are currently using you must have noticed that your once “user-friendly” machine has turned into a capricious mini monster.

This once friendly sidekick and best friend seems to have a developed a mind of its own and morphed into an entity which continuously edits, retypes and somehow re interprets your words and thoughts into something that is unintelligible to the person to whom you are communicating.

You find yourself startled at the way your typing proficiency has decreased and the number of typo errors has geometrically increased to the point where you understandably start cursing the machine and use the other communication devices at your command. ( iPhone–> notepad–>  computer.)

I was recently texting with a number of folks who told me they could not believe the message they texted to me was totally different from the words they had just typed. Thoughts of the Russians monitoring and controlling our devices immediately sprang to mind.

Does anyone out there know if there is a text editing application that these devices automatically trigger that allows the software to proofread and retype any words or phrases that do not seem logical to the application?

I have griped about Windows 10 a number of months ago. I have noticed that whenever Windows updates itself some of my programs are frozen in time and have to update themselves even though I update them daily.

One such program is the Kaspersky Security Suite for WIndows 10. I update this program every day and run the system scan once a month. However whenever there is a critical Windows 10 update the security program informs me that I have not updated or scanned the system at all.

I installed Windows 10 in August and the Kaspersky program in October. Every time the Windows 10 program updates itself the security program informs me that I did not run a scan yet. This is now month five and I have to literally go back and cover five months of updating and scanning activity.

I recently learned that the Kaspersky system is allegedly linked to Russian developers and was wondering if the Windows 10 platform is trying to protect my computer system from an illegal search and entry operation.

If you have experienced this type of unusual activity in your own electronic device please let me know.

I won’t be able to help you directly but will breathe a lot easier knowing that I am not the only one out here having this technically bizarre problem.  — gc

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28 Comments on Windows 10 needs rejuvenating elixir

  1. I have not experienced the same issues you have, but I firmly believe that the relationship we have with our computers is a love/hate relationship. Kind of like the relationship I had with my ex-husband. 🙂 Tee Hee!!

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    • If only ex husbands had a programming switch that could reboot their common senses. Many times the love/hate scale for our devices is tipped towards the hate side when they develop an attitude we are not familiar with — kinda like an ex.Oh well, such is life. 🙂

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  2. Lucky me! I’m still going steady with Windows 7. Slower than when we started out but still ambling along.

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  3. Let’s see, where shall I begin… 🤔 Okay, Let’s begin with Typos, I seem to remember something about a built in device that has been especially formulated for proof reading I think it’s called 👀 !!

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    • Good points Sue. Out of my own ignorance is this “proof reader” set automatically when you enter text ?

      Is there a way to manually override the appplication so that it will not second guess a person’s intended word and change the word when the send button is pressed?

      Do you think this proof reader function would also be part of the iPhone and tablet architecture? Just wondering?

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  4. Moving on… I have an IT friend who never updates Windows, he says it causes havoc with his machine.

    As you know Gerry, I too have Kaspersky and it often tells me the system isn’t protected. And that’s because it’s not updated. Makes you want to talk back and ask “Why not, that’s what I’m paying for isn’t it?” It hadn’t occurred to me that it was because of a Windows update. When I get the message I just update manually.

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    • With Kaspersky Sue it always pays to manually update the program even though you may have the program set to load when you turn on the computer.

      My Kaspersky renewal date expires in a few months and I think I will drop it and go for Mcafee or Norton. Jut being xenophobic I guess. 🙂

      Each and every time Windows does an update it also seems to disregard any updating the user has done and it leaves that program in a state of virginal bliss…untouched and underutilized.

      I think that is strange.


  5. Back to Typos. I do know what you mean Gerry, I was only joking but I think you knew that. I have a personal failing in that I miss words out, I proof read several,times but it seems I read what I think I’ve written and not what is actually on the page!

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  6. I bought a Windows 10 laptop about a year ago, and don’t have that problem. Sorry

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    • I also purchased a Windows 10 “ready” computer about the same time. I had to manually install the program onto my computer.

      Over time it appears that I have to slow down my typing proficiency or else errors will crop up like mushrooms in a shaded area.

      As I stated many people I chatted with experienced this same anomaly.

      Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who have escaped the wrath of the update?

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  7. I think that is strange.


    • It is baffling to say the least. There have been a few updates to Windows 10 and the incidents with Kaspersky has been somewhat resolved.


  8. I think that is strange.


  9. I think that is strange. I also purchased a Windows 10 “ready” computer about the same time.

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    • I wonder if the phrase “Windows 10 ready” and Windows 10 complaint” are not synonymous. I think that over a period of time and a number of windows 10 updates the situation straightened itself out for me.

      I erroneously thought that the windows 10 platform was already on the computer. I purchased the computer from a dealer that boasts of a “Geek Squad” whose members would gladly load the Windows 10 program onto my new computer for a fee ( not a nominal one).

      I thought that was curious.


  10. I erroneously thought that the windows 10 platform was already on the computer.

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  11. I erroneously thought that the windows 10 platform was already on the computer.


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