Purple haze of truth tinges W.H. reality

“A Monster Negotiator”



“He knows how to market himself well. Nowadays, that’s all that seems to count. He’s rebellious in a way that appeals to people with vain, shallow taste. So of course he manipulates his audiences ….: –― Jess C. Scott, SVEN, Incubus Story.02

M A K I N G   I T   G R E A T   A G A I N  !

E D I T O R I A L  C O M M E N T 


Adam and Eve are in the Garden of Eden both naked and have not as yet eaten the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. Little information is available about their daily lives at that stage of the game. This is a mischievous retelling of that historic apple nibbling event.  🙂


One day the slippery serpent does successfully coerce the curious Eve to take” just a small bite” from the apple ( just a small one) couldn’t really hurt anything now could it?

She is seduced into lightly nibbling at the delicious fruit, relishes its wonderfully delicious taste and then is persuaded by the cunning snake to offer her companion Adam to also partake of the fruit.  

Afterall it is impolite not to share with a friend is it not?

Well Adam, still naive and innocent , takes the apple from Eve, looks into her eyes for reassurance and then takes a man-sized bit of the offered delicacy.

“By golly, this tastes pretty good ” he says to himself.

Suddenly, he drops the apple and experiences an unusual sensation in his groin area. Remember both he and Eve were supposedly naked in the Garden.

In this scenario Adam in a state of panic counsels Eve ” Stand back…I really don’t know how big this thing is gonna get!”

Trump’s campaign promises and rhetoric are similar to the promises made by the snake to Eve. Filled with hyperbole and great imaginings the awful truth of the matter is realized when the boasts return to bite the master salesman on the butt.

Male enhancement products also fit into my imaginative construct of the new and improved White House occupant. The products promise a plethora of wonderfully exciting and rewarding experiences implying that the end result will be a longer and stronger intimate arrangement. A definite improvement on the original.

The reality is a bold face lie wherein the enhancement product is merely a stimulated appendage seeking momentary release from a banal and frustrating reality.

There is a purple haze of truth that looms over both the presidential promises and the eager enhancement product user who really want to experience nirvana in a world inhabited by ordinary men and women.

The promised enhancements and improvements are a mere advertising scam.

To quote Becket “Life is a cheat and a disappointment”.

The American electorate and staunch Trump supporters are finally beginning to realize that this master negotiator is really a snake oil salesman at heart.  — gc



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Quote of the week: "If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.-- Frank Herbert quotes .

12 Comments on Purple haze of truth tinges W.H. reality

  1. I hope so. But then, I’d hoped they’d see that a year ago. [sigh] 😉 xoM

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  2. This must be when the term snake oil salesman began.

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  3. Okay, what happened to the older couple at the beginning of the commercial? Snake oil indeed.😂

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