Bubble wrap thwarts curious pedestrians



“Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy. The savage’s whole existence is public, ruled by the laws of his tribe. Civilization is the process of setting man free from men.”  —  Ayn Rand

F U S I O N   O F   F O R M  A N D  F U N C T I O N

For almost the past five years I have dreaded the return of summer, the longer daylight hours and the hordes of inconsiderate pedestrians who not only pass by my ground floor suite window but also have a tendency to stare inconsiderately inside the unshaded windows.

At times these folks stare so long that I begin to imagine that they are part of a television news reporting tem who have stumbled upon a rare archeological discovery. It’s just my living quarters.

At times I feel like I am living at the Guggenheim Museum  in a historical setting that passersby just have to visually explore and photograph.

My solution to this problem involves the merciful fusing of window glass and small-sized bubble wrap which allows the sunlight to shine into my suite while at the same time thwarting the curious gawkers from seeing me in the afternoon reading a book in my pajamas.

Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres provide cushioning for fragile items. The wrap comes in a number of sizes depending on usage. I am using the smaller sized packaging.

Installing the wrap is down right simple :

  1. Cut the wrap to fit the window size.
  2. Use a spray bottle to moisten the window pane.
  3. Apply and press the wrap to the window.
  4. Smooth out the wrap on the window.
  5. Enjoy your new-found privacy.

For me this is the most practical approach to ensure my privacy and sanity. Past summers I usually closed my drapes to offer me protection from prying eyes. The drawn drapes converted the living space into a shaded crypt where Count Dracula would feel quite at home.

When I first moved into the suite I had to install the curtain rods. The walls for the unit are a combination of plaster with an adjacent outside wall of concrete.

This is an older style apartment. The drill you use to make the holes for the curtain rods require a goodly amount of strength. Alas at times I become a male anorexic who is all thumbs when it comes to using power equipment.

When I was drilling a hole oer the patio doors I was standing on a kitchen chair, lost my footing and almost demolished the new credenza I had purchased the week before. I was not injured but appreciated the fact that I am no carpenter.

The other tenants in the building merely hang up their drapery by hammering a nail in the wall and let the drapes stay where they are. For myself I prefer using curtain rods to maintain the proper lighting in the suite.

If the bubble wrap begins to loosen from the window merely grab that water bottle and apply a thin water coat to the glass.

This summer I am certain I will enjoy a lot more personal privacy than in previous years.  — gc






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33 Comments on Bubble wrap thwarts curious pedestrians

  1. PJs in the afternoon? Well, with so many prying eyes I certainly hope your place is clean and tidy. I would recommend a beautiful thin layer of voil held up by threading onto a piece of plastic covered wire that is fastened onto a hook and simply screwed into the wall either side. I think it’s time to embrace your feminine side Gerry.

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  2. Great idea! Of course I’m on the ground floor, have a sliding glass door as a window. It has vertical blinds. This idea would let me have privacy plus light! Cool!

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  3. Poor you… I don’t understand why people do it… but good luck with your new idea!🙂🌺

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  4. A novel and ingenious answer to a problem!

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