Not your ordinary column collapse

A real head scratcher



“There is no end to the things you don’t understand. The mind will search for a lie to give it an answer you can understand, but one song at the right time will challenge what you accept.” Shannon L. Alder

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M Y S T E R I O U S   F O R C E S   A T   W O R K 

For the past two years unknown forces have managed to rock and almost roll certain columns of a nearby shopping mall after midnight and during the months of March or April. This damage occurred after business hours and in the dark of the night.

Last year the exposed column near a neighborhood liquor depot was damaged and repairs to the shaky column took place two months later.

Pedestrians walking beneath the affected area exercised caution. Customers entering the nearby store gave the area a quick glance and then continued into the store to enhance their spirits.

Last week another column suffered the same fate. This time the near collapse occurred outside an insurance company. The firm covers all types of insurance claims except the one outside its office doors. Kind of ironic .

I spoke with the office manager who expressed surprise and concern about the situation. He had no idea what had happened especially since there were cement blocks marking the parking slots. He assumed it happened over night.

Last year’s event near the liquor depot was the result of a delivery driver slamming his vehicle into the column when his truck slid into the column on an icy asphalt driveway.

This year’s calamity is open to interpretation.

Eventually the damage will be repaired it is only a matter of when.

Last year’s repair was handled two months after the event .

This year’s is anyone’s guess. 

Anyone care to speculate?  —  gc

Editorial Comment:

The true villain in the above problem was a snow removal operator. The crew removes the snow from the parking lot after midnight. I did hear the vehicles moving back and forth in the area.

The unfortunate machine operator swung the elevated bucket in the wrong direction and did not realize what he had done. The price of winter snow storms I guess.

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10 Comments on Not your ordinary column collapse

  1. Definitely liking this one Gerry, You know how much I love a mystery, but I will need to think about it a little more. I’ll be back!

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  2. Oh I’ve got it! Novices from Hogwarts School of Magic, they thought it was a railway station!

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  3. Quite good at flying but they were blown off course and this modern liquor store was mistaken for a newly furbished Kings Cross Station!

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  4. Monster moles tunnelled in the wrong place?

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  5. I have asked for back up!

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