An instinct for remaining anonymous




“Being able to act intelligently and instinctively in the moment is possible only after a long and rigorous amount of education and experience”  ― Malcolm Gladwell, Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

The man in the photo moves with the stealth and agility of a cat and the instincts of someone who does not want his actions to be discovered. He has become a late night visitor to the building in which I live and keeping track of his actions while on the premises has become a concern for a number of my fellow residents.

N O T  T H E  G R E E N  A R R O W

This is the best of times and the worst of times as far as discovering the identity of the person who comes and goes freely about the apartment building in which I live and his ultimate destination once he has gained entry to the building is still a mystery.

There have been a few major and minor developments and upsets since the last time I wrote about this fellow. In the past little while his late night rendezvous has ceased and my attempts to involve other long-term tenants assist in discovering his identity and late night destination has increased.

I created a type of “wanted poster” in which his photo, licence plate and photo of the vehicle he drives was presented. I wanted to place it at the entranceway to the building but decided to check with the resident manager instead. I figured there would be legal implications and privacy issues involved so that idea was given the thumbs down.

The on site manager did help out in the search by visiting the tenants on the third and fourth floor and asking them if they knew who this mystery man was or whom he was visiting.

There is an unoccupied three bedroom suite on both the third and fourth floor and we assumed he might be gaining unlawful entry to one of those suites. That idea also fizzled out as I discovered that  the locks to the units had been changed when the previous tenants moved out. 

On the positive I did email a photo of the perp to the rental office and she copied that to her cell phone and showed the photo to all the tenants on the suspected floors. Everyone she questioned stated they did not know the person. 

I spoke with he yesterday and we both came to the same conclusion: if someone on those two floors knew this person would they freely admit it to the management representative. I think not. Mum is the word especially if a late night tryst might be the reason for his visits.

As I stated he has not visited the building in the past number of days but he does make his unannounced visits early Thursday or Friday mornings.

The police have been informed of his comings and goings and the only thing I have to do is call the non emergency number, quote a file number and a squad car will be sent to the site.

I am hoping that this person has been informed that his actions are being monitored and that his unusual midnight obsessions need to come to an end and soon.

Time will tell if his common sense will win out over his desire for a midnight confession.  — gc

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13 Comments on An instinct for remaining anonymous

  1. Perhaps it is a tryst. On the other hand, anything’s possible. Intrigue in real life!

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  2. Just another suggestion to add to the list of possibilities (or impossibilities). He could turn out to be a legitimate tenant, a tenant who used to have a beard. Perhaps you could try pasting one on to his ‘mugshot’!

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