Conway needs immersion in real world

Conway said she’s not Inspector Gadget



“The world loves to be amused by hollow professions, to be deceived by flattering appearances, to live in a state of hallucination; and can forgive everything but the plain, downright, simple, honest truth.”  ― William Hazlit

A    M I S U N D E R S T O O D   U N D E R S T A N D I N G 

As you watch the video keep in mind that the actress in it ( Goldie Hawn) was portraying a humorous comedy skit and that the simple-minded interpretation of things in the real world were meant to make you laugh.

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway is an American political operative currently serving as Counselor to the President for Donald Trump.

She has the unfortunate knack of presenting herself as a ditzy blond who is desperately trying to offer the viewing public her take on a reality that is based on fake news, misinterpreted reality and a gross misunderstanding of the real world as the rest of us know and appreciate.

She has also been a Republican Party campaign manager, strategist, and pollster who was formerly president and CEO of The Polling Company Inc./Woman Trend.

“I’m no Inspector Gadget” she told a reporter who spoke with her recently about the wiretapping allegations levelled at the Obama administration by the Trump regime. I think we all knew and appreciated that revealed fact. She might in essence be a Nordstrom fashion diva wannabe.

On a later interview she once again attempted to explain exactly what she had earlier stated and added that an actual wire tap does not involve physically listening in on someone’s telephone.

This could by done by various forms of surveillance such as cell phones, smart Televisions and of course micro waves which would somehow morph into picture-taking cameras.

While Kellyanne is as cute as  button she should seriously try reading more and listening to her obsessive compulsive boss less.

At times you seriously wonder if she is “put on” or an alternate public persona. She may be camera-shy and experiences a condition known technically as a “brain fart” wherein all normal cognitive functions are temporarily placed in a holding pattern and the resulting verbal diarrhea causes confusion and embarrassment for one and all.

Oh well another apprentice in the Oval Office has become the norm these days. — gc

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Quote of the week: "If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.-- Frank Herbert quotes .

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  1. How do you find these things? Goldie was my role model!

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