Duelling tweets: pattern of bullying

Defending one’s honor



“When you’re older, you will realise the only thing that matters, the only thing, is that you had courage and honour. Lose those things and you won’t die any quicker, but you’ll be less than the dirt on our boots.”  ― Conn Iggulden, Conqueror

Do billionaires dream of having honor and integrity and value the worth of other people or do they cloister themselves away in their castles of gloom and doom and lash out at a world they view as hostile and irrelevant to their immediate needs?

P U T T I N G   I T   A L L  O N  T H E   L I N E 

President Trump should consider himself very fortunate indeed that he does not live in an era when duelling was the acceptable way to defend one’s honor from public ridicule and defamation.

Duelling was not for everyone. It was reserved for only those in high standing. You had to be of noble birth or otherwise be considered “a gentleman” in order to even qualify to settle a dispute or quarrel or even prove/reclaim your honor by way of a duel.

You had to be either powerful, wealthy or both to engage in this activity and had to have a “second” by your side to accompany you to the duelling site.

The Aaron Burr–Alexander Hamilton duel was a duel between two prominent American politicians: the former secretary of the treasury, Alexander Hamilton, and sitting vice president, Aaron Burr, on July 11, 1804. At Weehawken, in New Jersey, Burr shot and mortally wounded Hamilton.

In those times the men squared off on the field of honor and let the fates decide who would live or die. 

Today  cowardly tweeters are able to inflict hurt and ruin personal reputations by merely having access to a computer and a working Twitter account. This approach is akin to being an online bully or hidden sniper who takes random pot shots at anyone or anything that displeases him.

It is interesting the Mr Trump’s wife has taken a stand against online bullying while being married to a man who has inflicted more harm than good in his short-term presidency. He seems to be challenging the entire world to engage in a twitter display of cunning, guile and half-truths. 

Getting suckered in to such lunacy only debases the person responding and offers Mr Trump the ammunition he needs to stoke the embers of hatred and malice he feels in his heart.

I applaud  former President Obama for playing it cool and not responding to the personal attacks which have been hurled from the WHite House impugning his good name and personal integrity.

It’s time to revoke Trump’s Twitter account and offer him a suitable alternative to occupy his time and talent. Perhaps an Erector set or finger painting kit might  enthrall and captivate his unfocused attention at least in the short-term. 

The duelling pistol has been replaced by the computer or iPhone but the result of a verbal assault can be as devastating as a bullet fired at close range. – – gc






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Quote of the week: Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. --- Dennis Prager

10 Comments on Duelling tweets: pattern of bullying

  1. I loved this! Don’t stop

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  2. How fun would it be to watch him do something similar to when the Prime Minister in the U.K. takes questions from members of Parliament? Would anyone call him the honorable gentleman from New York? Doubt it.


    • Good points. I think the Prime Minister from the U.K. is a much more straight shooter than the Trump stump now inhabiting the White House.


  3. Very apt and true. There is a lot of anger out there and frustration but many channel it into positive action and a few troll and tweet abusively.

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  4. I do not follow Twitter, but it seems to me people post before thinking. Once the words are out, nothing can be done.

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    • A very good observation. The prime example of posting while not thinking is President Trump. He posts irresponsibly and then tries to cover up his ineptness with more ineptness. Thank you for writing.


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