The exposing of a stealthy individual




“His new life required no great change in the patterns of his behaviour. It was merely an adjustment. He had always known how to make himself invisible.”  ― Christopher Fowler, On the Loose

For the past two months I tried unsuccessfully to discover the identity of the man in this photo. His actions have indicated that he does not wish to be discovered but everyone knows that the day always comes when you slip up and expose yourself to the world. It was either Batman or Sherlock Holmes who once remarked that crooks do things ( leave clues) that will get them captured. Today I finally got a good mug shot of the man.

N E R V O U S  L O O K   O F   G U I L T

I enjoy a good, real life mystery and the outright suspicious behavior of the man above captured my writer’s interest and curiosity. Our apartment site takes part in a Neighborhood Watch Program so this guy’s suspicious actions warranted investigation.

My quest started  in early February of this year when I noticed an unknown vehicle parked at the back door to my apartment complex around 1:30 a.m. well after the site’s security team completed its perimeter check for the night. His car was parked at the back of the building on the sidewalk and under an outside street lamp.

There had been a number of breaking and entering incidences in the area and the fact that this person arrived in the dead of night and left before first light put him and his activities in my cross hairs.

He was rather brazen about parking at the rear of the building and I discovered recently that he had a key to the building. I wondered why he parked here and not on the side street or in the tenant parking lot.

Over the ensuing weeks I placed a number of late night calls to the security team and offered them a description of the vehicle.. The calls were answered promptly but nothing appeared to be done about the car or the driver.

The series of photos in this article were taken over a period of time. But as you can see from the expression on his face he really did not wish to be exposed or have his identity or presence made known.

Today was his day of reckoning. Around 10 a.m. this morning I noticed his car once again parked on the back sidewalk. With camera in hand I decided to wait him out. Happily within 30 minutes he returned to his car and left the area…or so I thought.

The snow removal crew for the property was cleaning up the walkway near his recently parked car  and he decided to vacate his favorite parking spot only momentarily to accommodate them. But his over confidence let him down today.

The ground keepers had a photo of the car and its description and the licence plate number. While the crew began cleaning the far end of the sidewalk he left the area and moved to a location further down the block.This tactic did not work today and the man driving the mini snow plow parked beside his vehicle and asked him to leave the area.

The unknown driver then parked his car on the curb of a nearby school yard and entered my building. As he did so I snapped a few choice photos and as I did he gave me a stare that showed his obvious displeasure with the total situation.

Hopefully someone will recognize him and clue him into the fact that you don’t park on a sidewalk in the early morning hours when there is ample parking space in tenant parking.

Every dog has its day and today this guy came up short. Too bad . — gc

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4 Comments on The exposing of a stealthy individual

  1. A regular Miss Marple and I can almost see the the net curtains twitching. I look forward to reading the next episode in the near future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you will enjoy the next chapter in this Marple Mystery. The events become even more ridiculous as I try to unravel the curtain of mystery surrounding this person’s overtly clandestine behavior. 🙂 Stay tuned. It suer sure beatings reading about the Donald.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait. In fact your mystery man has been on my mind for most of the day, and additionally, you inadvertently provided me with content for the daily word challenge for my other blog ‘Facts and Fiction’ where I left a note for you (in Miss Marple mode of course).

    Liked by 1 person

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