Wasting tax dollars Pentagon style

Spending Spree



“One of the most important lessons of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that military success is not sufficient to win.”Robert Gates, former US Secretary of defence. 

The United States will beef up its military spending budget by $54 billion dollars which means there will be less spent in the way of foreign , state department and other civilian agencies. It seems that Mr Trump wants the majority of folks in the country to tighten their belts while the military and others associated with the Pentagon will be forced to undo the top buttons on their pants after they had their fill freely consuming scarce tax dollars.

“W E   M U S T   D O   A   L O T   M O R E   W I T H   L E S S “

In case you were not aware the Defence Department allotment for 2015 consumed 36 per cent of the budget which was nine times higher than the Russian budget ( four per cent) and three times the size of China’s which rang in at 13 per cent.

Trump probably does not realize or was not adequately informed that the US military is in a league by itself and that over the past 25 years the might of the country’s military machine has not been small or weak.

The obvious target of the above Trump quote regarding doing more with less should be the Pentagon which is regarded by many as the poster child for bureaucratic waste and redundancy. It employs an estimated three million employees and is often guilty of gross “operational inefficiencies”.

Some estimate that it could save a whopping $125 billion dollars over five years by lessening its burgeoning number of bureaucrats and the resulting savings would be enough to fund the entire state department for two years estimated at around %50.1 billion dollars.

If Trump’s economic gurus could get their act together the proposed wall between the United States and Mexico could be funded by the savings.

But we all know by know that the president loves pomp nd circumstances, military parades and undeserved honors and will only focus on the size of his military appendage and not give any thought to the growing concerns of the people in his country struggling to make ends meet every day.

It seems that America has the same mind-set as North Korea: build up military might and forget the people in your country who could use the money more on substantial items in their lives and not missiles of destruction.

There is one memento from the past the people in the United Sates may see blessing again. The Hoovervilles might once again return to haunt the president about the wasteful way he allocated money to organizations meant to bolster international egos and not economic security for his country.  —  gc



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