Trump parlaying flake news into fact

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“The time for small thinking is over. The time for trivial fights is behind us.” –President Donald J. Trump.

D I D   H E  A B A N D O N   H I S   M E D S  ?

Just when to start to think that President Trump is a nice guy you discover a short time later that he is really a wolf in sheep” clothing and that the olive branch of peace he appears to be offering turns out to be a twig of poison ivy. For shame Mr President.

He momentarily appeared to be the new Donald at his recent press conference and his parliamentarian persona on that day exuded calmness, rational thinking, a mellower type of conciliatory official who was actively seeking to clean up his shadowy act, bury the hatchet and start anew in a fresh and orderly manner.

Well folks he , himself burst that bubbly this morning and the once warm and cuddly President fired a nasty barrage of early morning tweets claiming that the Obama White House had “illegally” wiretapped his campaign headquarters , The Trump Tower,  and insisted that the then President Obama was in on the deal.

He lashed out this series of hurtful tweets this morning , a day when his security advisers were not there to counsel him on the rightness or wrongness of his accusations. 

Mr Trump by venting his spleen this way inadvertently exposed to the world that he doe not seem to possess sophisticated understanding of the way in which the intelligence community functions.

If such a wire tap did happen Trump himself would have received a record of any such tap and there was no “probable cause” for the Obama team to apply for such an action from the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court .

It was established and authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to oversee requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies inside the United States by federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Many Democrats and a growing number of Republicans feel that this is another diversionary tactic used by Trump to shift his multi pronged Russian Ambassador problem temporarily under the Oval Office carpeting.Did he forget that alleged “spies” are wire tapped from the get go?

This type of bombshell allegation issued in Trump’s tweets would once again raise the spectre of President Richard M. Nixon’s attempt to bug the Watergate DNC offices. That in itself if proven correct would be the greatest political scandal since Nixon’s failed attempt.

Many feel that Trump is the same person he has always been and that a majority of his news sources are either Fox News or Briebart News — a far-right American news, opinion and commentary website with a spotty record of reporting the truth.

The reported “nefarious forces at work” he mentioned in his tweets today may well be emanating from Steve Bannon his confidant, friend and long time associate.

It appears that Mr Trump would be a very bad poker player and would telegraph his intentions in that game in a fashion similar to what he offered the world to see in his tweets today.

He has to face the truth:  there may not be a “there” out there. — gc

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