Trump jiggles both reality and fantasy

Being sworn in not at



“When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. —  Ryan Reynolds

Today’s White House shelters a blushing bride president more enamored with pomp, circumstance and pageantry than the mundane day-to-day business of tending to the affairs, safety and security of his country.

This article is geared to all those women who have attended grade school with female classmates who were always dreaming of getting married, obsessed with planning the ceremony and constantly preparing and revising guest lists and travel plans even though they were in grade five and had no realistic ideas of the challenges that marriage offers even the most wedding ready adults.

One woman on a CBS Sunday news program likened President Trump to this type of mental mindset.  She said it is not the reality of the marital status that captures his attention but the romantic notion of the preparations, and excitement and the heightened expectations for the event itself.

Many people eventually discover that married life is not all rose petals and champagne and that the harsh realities of everyday living gnaw away at that once unrealistic notion some folks describe as “wedded bliss”.

Mr Trump is still in his honeymoon period in the Oval Office. He wants to once again feel the love, acceptance and embrace of the crowds that so readily accepted him as the “right candidate to get the job done in Washington” and drain the political swamp that has clogged any type of positive action from being taken in the White House.

At times Trump is akin to the capricious and petulant newly wed who has to vent anger in a way that is not only socially acceptable but also hurtful and demeaning to folks outside the sacred marriage chamber.

Vicious tweets, name calling and various other slurs are meant to not only calm his tensions but also make his electorate experience a needles and pins kind of reality.

In this type of macabre political situation of innuendo and nuance one can only hope that Vice President Mike Pence was the one lucky enough to catch the tossed wedding bouquet and that his steady hand and maturity will be able to redirect the activities in the Oval Office from fantasy and fake news to a stabler form of acceptable and responsible government. — gc

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Quote of the week: Goodness is about character - integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people. --- Dennis Prager

4 Comments on Trump jiggles both reality and fantasy

  1. There is no answer to what is going on right now.

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  2. I would guess Gerry that Vice President Mike Pence has to give President Trump a ‘verbal shake’ quite often! Great post! I share these thoughts completely! 🙂

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