Mexico: The eighth banned country?

New type of repatriation



“We have a healthy and robust relationship with Mexico”. Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary. 

Would the term “strained relationship” adequately describe the way Mexico and its people view the somewhat erratic and in many opinions unconscionable actions that President Trump has taken to protect his country not only from Muslim radicals bent on bringing democracy and its institutions to its knees but also the way a new type of forced repatriation for illegal aliens from Mexico are being rounded up and whisked backed to their land of origin?  

T H E   R H Y T M M I C   P A C E   O F   C O M M E R C E 

E D I T O R I A L   N O T A T I O N

This article is meant to serve as a think piece to promote discussion and reflection and not dissension and revolt.

The building of a wall (fence) separating the United States and Mexico may be viewed as a necessary but costly action aimed towards homeland security but it would be a much wiser political step to build bridges of communication and understanding and mutual benefit between the country’s neighbor to the south.


Imagine this if you will. On your next family visit to Mexico one of your family members accidentally jaywalks and is issued a citation for the illegal action. A quick computer scan of your visa indicates that back in the good old USA you have a habit of speeding, drug abuse and drunk driving.

Would you expect to now be arrested by the federales, hand cuffed, your valuables seized and you and your family returned to the United States without delay in handcuffs?

Well folks that could happen in a “tit-for-tat” political reality in which both countries would attempt to ban alien”undesirables” from its borders. It’s not fair you moan but it could represent Mexico’s new way of cleaning up its streets of those “gringos” who used to freely prowl the less desirable haunts of the country in search of illicit adventure and other lecherous forms of personal amusement.

The proposed wall might not only provide border safety between the homeland and Mexico but might also afford this country the right to impose even harsher sanctions and limits on the amount of freedom and debauchery visitors from the US could now enjoy during their vacations in this “friendly” neighbor to the south.

Safety and security in the homeland may also represent the way the government and people of Mexican feel about their own internal issues. They would then have the “right” to restrict and regulate the freedom of those visitors to their country who hold valid visas.

Imagine being detained at the Mexican border as your visa is checked for any irregular notations and you and your family are routinely vetted . It could happen to you and yours. 

Under this new type of governmental reciprocity it might be a good idea to have the phone number of the American Embassy on speed dial. That might make your visit to the country a lot less embarrassing for you and your family back home in the States.

Spending time in a Mexican jail might not really be your cup of tea. –  gc


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6 Comments on Mexico: The eighth banned country?

  1. Maybe Mr. T should travel incognito to Mexico and see what life is like for the average person. Without US tourism, more people will starve. On second thought, it probably wouldn’t faze him. He’s used to ignoring the average man.

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  2. It is already happening but in the reverse–those of us who are Canadian or U.S. citizens who live in Mexico have had trouble with reentry visas to the U.S. being refused because of a Trump pinata viewed in the back seat of a car.

    Another friend’s contract with the U.S. military was cancelled because he asked if he could drive his car with Mexican plates onto the base.. Ridiculous and childish actions, including shipments of Mexican handicrafts, which should be duty-free, turned back at the border.

    It seems there is no end to this pettiness. Shame on you, politicians who put their own political prejudices before the good of the country.

    You are all traitors!!!!

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