A blurred “rocking-horse” presidency

Rough Ride

“Do not confuse motion with progress. A rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress.” -― Alfred A. Montapert


It seems that just as President Theodore Roosevelt ( upper left)  led his men in the charge up San Juan Hill on July 1, 1898 newly elected President Donald Trump ( upper right) has taken it upon himself to pick up the gauntlet and charge up present day Capitol Hill and shake up a bloated and ineffective government morass of unresponsive bureaucrats who have through the years converted  his beloved White House into their permanent home away from home for far too long

A   M O D E R N   D A Y   D O N   Q U I X O T E ?

Has Steve Bannon become President Trump’s Sancho Panza — directing, guiding,and protecting his deliriously confused master in his ongoing struggles with dragons, windmills and  castles and hoping to save a fair damsel ( Lady Liberty) from the ravages of an uncaring reality bent upon her destruction?

 Bannon , an American former banker and filmmaker, is currently serving as the Assistant to the President and White House Chief Strategist in the Trump administration. A true believer in the positive effects of “chaos theory” he may be both the director and the screen writer in Trump’s bizarre and unusual actions in the White House.

If you watch the “non fake news” you will notice that everyone associated with the once sacred Oval Office is according to Fareed Zakaria , A CNN commentator on the CNN program Global Public Square, “moving furiously back and forth and really not accomplishing anything of value to the American people who are waiting for the President to do something positive for them”. 

In his flurry of “presidential” activity Trump in his first month :

  •  (1) issued a number of hastily constructed executive orders regarding immigration that are considered to be nothing better than “hot air”;
  • (2) increased his attacks on the media via his “official” twitter account”;
  • (3) alienated a goodly number of his staunch supporters;
  • (4) created a sense of impending gloom and doom in the White House; and
  • (5)  unofficially increased the amount of “in-house ” chatter regarding his mental competence and reliability to continue on as president.

There should come a time when Mr T. will hang up his spurs and hopefully begin to be responsible to the electorate that voted him into office. 

Time to start focusing on the issues that are meaningful to the American public and get into the business of taking care of the country as a president should be handling .

Perhaps they should construct that wall to keep him out of the White House?  – gc





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8 Comments on A blurred “rocking-horse” presidency

  1. or a sign that says,”closed for reconstruction and public good” 🙂

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  2. This from my grandson’s Hispanic friend: “just who is he going to get to build that wall?” I thought it was priceless from a sixteen year old.

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  3. The wall wouldn’t have to be too high to keep him out…he couldn’t navigate a path that led to a gate!

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