Translating the ban law “left” to “right”

Freedom od Association




“I am not obligated to turn my home into a political battlefield when I come home from work in the evening.” –Sahar Kian.

Editorial Notation

Freedom of association is the right of individuals to join or leave groups of a person’s own choosing, and for the group to take collective action to pursue the interests of members.

Freedom of Association, The Essentials of Human Rights 18, states it involves coming together with other individuals and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests.


Presidential bans issued from the Executive Oval Office are not the only restrictions that are currently being enforced by dozens of law-abiding people in the United States of foreign origin who are taking it upon themselves for the safety and security of their roommates to restrict who they will allow into their living quarters.

Advertisements currently appearing on Craig’s list for roommates express the sentiments of many people: ” Respecting the wishes of current roommates, alcohol and meat products are not allowed in the house. Neither are Trump supporters.” 

The author of the ad, Sahar Kian lives, in Georgetown Washington described herself as a brown-skinned immigrant who works for a non-profit organization in the area and is dependent on Obama Care for her health care needs.

She said she does not care to debate contentious issues in her home when she returns there at night from work. She attends rallies, protest groups and contacts her congressman for political action.

Many Trump supporters in her opinion are “bigots who oppose immigrants, Muslims, abortion and other women’s rights.”

She affirmed that this was not based upon “political or personal differences: e.g. , democrat, republican, christian.”

She and many more folks like her wish to use the “Freedom of association” clause of the American Constitution.: the right to associate with whomever they wish based on mutual interest 

The interview was conducted this morning on the CNN television network. 

This to me was not fake news but was not mentioned on CNN website.

The growing number of personal advertisements  on Craig’s list should be mentioned even though it is not yet a national issue for debate. 

All citizens, even newly arrived  immigrants, have the right to choose whom they wish to live with. — gc

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