Bitchiness: A new White House reality

The 1956 Ford “Edsel”


“If enough os us believe, a new thing can be made to exist. Belief structure creates a filter through which chaos is sifted into order.”  — Frank Herbert, Heretics of Dune.

President Trump’s impromptu one hour and 17 minute soliloquy professing his innocence in a number of controversial situations was somewhat akin to Pontius Pilate’s symbolic washing of his hands to defer the responsibility of Christ’s crucifixion to forces outside his control. It was the kind of dramatic televised event that had many Republicans jaws dropping to the ground and did not really endear Trump to the hearts and minds of viewers.

A   J U I C Y   B I T   O F   N O N S E N S E

A female stand up comedienne commented during the presidential election campaign that Hillary  Clinton was considered by many female voters to be a “bitchy politician”. She went on to say that was a good thing. In her opinion, “bitches get the job done right.”

The viewing public yesterday witnessed the bitchy side of Mr T. He constantly rallied against the members of the press corps, repeated his ignorance of certain facts and figures that were presented to him by anonymous staff members and did not really discuss any issues relevant to the general welfare or interest to the American people. 

His impromptu performance at meeting the folks was unplanned and he presented his case as a man who had inherited a dreadful political and economic situation at home and abroad.

The villain(ess) in this whole situation was Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who somehow managed to capture a major portion of the popular vote that he felt was somehow reserved for himself.

If Ms Clinton had been elected president and offered this type of emotional outburst and spleen venting it would have been described as an “estrogen explosion” and summarily dismissed by an understandingly, sympathetic male audience.

But Trump’s blood-letting exercise served not only to alienate him from supportive party members but also in the minds of his staunchest supporters.

He described his team as a well oiled machine that was taking care of business. He blamed the Democrats for delaying the appointment of his team members and there have been increased television advertisements asking viewers to contact their congressmen to help the Trump Team get appointed to their posts.

In the meantime Retired  Vice Admiral  Bob Harward ( top left ) turned down President Donald Trump’s offer to be national security adviser Thursday, depriving the administration of a top candidate for a critical foreign policy post days after Trump fired Michael Flynn.

Harward cited family reasons for his saying no to the job offer. Unofficially , he reportedly told friends and associates that the position was considered to be a “s**t sandwich” and he wanted no part of that situation.

That type of cuisine offering has become that latest food fad offering in the White House commissary. It offers the fussy eater a non vegan and non meaty type of sustenance geared to more hearty palates. 

In the new White House  you are also allowed to ignore protocol and eat food with your fingers instead of the proper eating utensils. This also applies to eating soup. Chaos theory allows for these types of common sense inconsistencies.

There was also a one day strike  by restaurants and other businesses across the country (top right) who closed their doors in support of a “Day Without Immigrants,” a national grassroots movement seeking to protest President Trump’s immigration reforms and immigration policy changes.

Trump seems to have forgotten that many of these immigrants ( illegal or vetted) take the poorer paying jobs that no one else would ever consider taking. The silent majority would rather subsist on welfare and other social handouts than apply themselves to these service industry positions.

Oh well, as long as the government is a well oiled machine I guess the pleas and protests of the common man and woman are drowned out by the hum of progress. 

Mr Trump is preparing to press the flesh and meet the workers at Boeing.  He is going to inspect the company’s  latest offering which he stated was overly expensive.

It is always good to know that Sean Spicer will be there to not only cover for the short comings of his fearless leader but also add a few choice one liners and invectives to incite the press corps. 

Overblown statement based on fantasy and hyperbole instead of fact are part of the political tradition…I think.  –gc





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Quote of the week: "If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.-- Frank Herbert quotes .

10 Comments on Bitchiness: A new White House reality

  1. Every day brings a new jaw dropping moment. That press conference will be hard to forget. Really loved the: “In the new White House you are also allowed to ignore protocol and eat food with your fingers instead of the proper eating utensils. This also applies to eating soup. Chaos theory allows for these types of common sense inconsistencies.” Made me laugh 🙂

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  2. You could not make up this stuff….

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  3. I love the Obi-Wan Kenobi.

    The government has been terrifying for the past 8 years. Trump has created more jobs, saved more tax dollars than bozo did- I forgot, ‘O’ was too busy spending nearly a $trillion tax dollars on his personal family vacations.

    I wish I could golf as often as he did. I’ve been too busy working paying for the 150% health care increase we had in just the last 3 years here.

    I wanted to like one of your posts but I disagree- it would be a lie.

    My blog isn’t political I save that for here:

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    • Thank you for your candor and your comments. Always appreciated.

      Please understand that your thoughts nd opinions are greatly appreciated. My blog is an open town hall forum. In my blog you can express yourself freely. No need to pretend you “like” my blog if you do not. Your thoughts and comments will not be harhly appraised or censured.

      Be yourself. Be honest. Express your opinions freely on the topics I write about.

      There is enough “fake news” these days to clog a drain pipe.

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  4. Thank you.I truly appreciate that.

    Speaking of town halls, I’ve attended my share over the years and they were always done in an orderly fashion. They are suddenly a nightmare, it’s as if their local representative or senator was the Frankenstein monster. In 2010 I ran for U.S. Congress against then-Congressman Jeff Flake now the Arizona Senator along with “not my” Senator McCain (needs to resign). I worked the National Libertarian convention over 30 years ago and I ran on the Libertarian ticket.

    I’m still a Libertarian I guess I’ve become more conservative as the country became more and more liberal. I’m so disappointed seeing the federal government and courts take away the values, morals, and freedoms I cherish. Even our Constitution along with patriotism has been trampled and burned like our flag.

    People hear the Star Spangled banner before sports events. Have they forgotten how important the words are, how important our flag is, that it was still there? A veteran saw a Mexican flag flying over the American flag this week over a store. Outraged he took them down, left the one and took the American flag. The law still stands where it’s a crime to fly another flag above the American flag.
    Speaking of veterans, Arizona had the most vets die on the waiting list over 40 back when Obama made a sweep here but refused to stop at the VA hospital. That insult along with the lie O told saying, “I fired nearly 500 people because of the mistreatment of our veterans.” The fact is he never fired one person! We’ve had a couple directors resign since then but it’s still a shameful mess here.

    Check it for yourself, our military was embarrassed by Obama. This week the Navy Seals all stood at attention for President Trump. Perhaps they see a man not corrupted by the establishment and truly cares for this country.
    Again, thank you for your courteous, respectful and fair treatment.

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