Billionaires bloat presidential cabinet



“I find the fact that billionaires are quoted as if the fact that they are billionaires gives them some kind of wisdom is outrageous.”  —   Ben Elton

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence cast his tie breaking vote earlier today appointing Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos as President Trump’s Education Secretary. It was a historic moment in that the VP cast the deciding vote for acceptance of the controversial nomination.

Have you noticed recently how the list of billionaires seeking refuge and recognition inside the Trump White House has grown to the point of intellectual suffocation? There is more wealth represented inside that place than the walls of Fort Knox coud safely secure and protect.

Yet, President Trump firmly believes that these entitled and privileged folks are not only endowed with great wealth and problem solving insight but also have the uncanny ability to tap into some sort of intellectual treasure trove and scoop out MacGyver like solutions to those complex economic, foreign and domestic issues that seems to have plagued a bewildered congress and  lackluster senate for the past eight years.

His recent choice for Education Secretary created a lot of political dissension and polarization on the Hill. Her one claim to fame rested in the fact that she was a billionaire. 

When asked by a CNN reporter if she had taken out student loans to pay for her university education she candidly admitted that she did not.  Did her children need to take out student loans for their higher education? Again a resounding “no”.

In effect she does not have first hand knowledge as to the difficulty of securing student loans or more importantly repaying the loans back after graduation. But she is a respected billionaire. End of story.

It appears that money not only begets privilege but also elevates the individual ‘s status to a level far above those of mortal mankind. 

It would be refreshing if the current trend of thought in this opinionated and egotistical Oval office would acknowledge the fact that reality in the real world is a whole lot different from the one being examined and debated about in the Mount Olympus facade this regime has created. 

The events happening in the White House is great theater but what will happen to the little guy who is forced to live with any and all executive decisions made during this polarized regime’s reign?

Will Mike Pence always  be there to clean up and explain away the mess that Mr Trump has created? 

It’s time to give reality a fighting chance before it is too late. —  gc

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6 Comments on Billionaires bloat presidential cabinet

  1. You do recognize that this was about vouchers in education which DeVos did and has fought hard long and strong for

    And very proudly

    What’s wrong in your mind to give children from low income families or who live in bad neighborhoods a chance at a good and better education at another school outside the childs zip code?

    By giving that low income child a “voucher” to attend the school of his/her choice

    Yes…the DemocRats are against this

    The Dems true colors are finally showing 󾓦

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    • You’re right. Busing has always worked well in the country UNLESS you are the one being carried about to schools and neighborhoods you do not know. Now, is that the proper mindset for a youngster to learn and grown in. I was bused as a youngster and the experience was not a pleasant one for sure. I was picked on and beat up daily beacause I was not local.


  2. I don’t know about intellectual suffocation, but suffocation nonetheless. I am inspired that Trump is being stopped in his tracks for some of his nonsense. For gosh sakes–everyone is not a bad dude or mean hombre. Between him and Spicer, I don’t know who needs “Speaking 101” classes more. This is like a train wreck that I cannot turn away from. So crazy, Gerry.

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    • It reminds me of that movie with Gene Wilder, “Silver Streak”. The train moved at high velocity down a cleared track with no engineer and eventualy crashed full steam into and demolished a train terminal. If you have tickets for this train pull the emergency cord and jump off. Thanks for your thoughts. 🙂

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  3. But, but, he was “draining the swamp!” In reality the swamp is murkier and murkier. The DeVos appointment doesn’t look good for students with special needs; the vouchers won’t cover the additional resources necessary to educate them.

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    • Presdient Trump promised that his Billionaire Brain Trust would resolve the issues plaguing the country. He seems to choose inexperienced candidates so that his own incompetencies won’t seem as great. Remember the old addage: “Cream always rises to the top”. Well, surprise so does scum. 🙂

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