Recognize the true power of the tweet



“With every innovation comes a new abuse.” ― David V. Kimball, Beyond Tweeting: Build Influence on Twitter

Do you think the day will eventually arrive when men like White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will finally accept the fact that their job is redundant and admit that the main network of communication between the president and the electorate has been replaced by the every popular and once innocent Twitter Tweet?

I propose that the inventors of the computer , cell phone and Twitter should be universally nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for not only scientific innovation but also a world peace prize in helping humanity avoid nuclear annihilation.

The many verbal battles fought publicly on Twitter is just as stealthy and effective as a nuclear attack but without the mass destruction. Character assassination among the players and immediate electronic  retaliation via the internet is a lot more humane and acceptable than any neutron bomb or nuclear strike could ever render.

The only casualties involved ( if you are fixated on numbers)  are bruised egos but hey you can man up and retweet a more caustic and inflammatory reply to another’s raucous retorts and innuendoes. Isn’t that what communicating is really all about?

I know you’re thinking that this is a type of political online bullying but you need to realize the law makers and responsible folks in the government who are protecting the country’s interests are really exempt from such bourgeois considerations.

In the world of politics you have to not only defend your country but also your reputation as well. So a little arm twisting and intimidation now and then is accepted as par for the course.

It seems these days that law makers, judges, foreign leaders and diplomats ,and well-known Hollywood personalities are not only defending their personal turfs but taking a few nibbles and bites out of the presidential tirades and accusations emanating daily from the White House. Mount Vesuvius has nothing on that guy to be sure! 

Years ago the world believed that World War Three would be nuclear and World War Four would be fought with clubs and spears. How wrong this assumption was.

The electronic media and venues such as Tweet and Skype has successfully allowed mankind to unite and air their dirty linen online for all the communicating world to view. What an advancement that was to be sure!

So once again thank goodness for the tweet. It enables politicians and presidents, anarchists and socialists,  madmen and monarchists to  vent their spleens in a socially acceptable and safe manner. 




The innocent tweet is akin to the tiny Ewok in Star Wars. Humble but effective. –gc

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Quote of the week: "If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.-- Frank Herbert quotes .

4 Comments on Recognize the true power of the tweet

  1. Einstein predicted WWIV will be fought with rocks. Some say he said it was sticks and stones. On that note I predict we are on the precipice of WWIII and it is being fought with words that spins into hateful terrorism month-to-month, some propagated by isolated individuals, some by renegade associations, and some by state owned military. But we are living it, because people are dying from massacres every month and the reason is disunity. So yes, we are at war and all it takes is false words marketed as truth to misdirect the people from what is really wrong.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts. Many times leaders do a lot of political puffing. I think in this day and age public protest and marching in the streets, writing one’s congressional representative and uniting to voice disapproval sways not only public sentiment but also poltical ways of behaving.

      In the free world this is the key to democracy. Civil unrest and protest in the non democratice corners of the world also work.

      Many times though this venue of disapprovl leads to civilian casualites and destruction.

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      • Yet civilians just as political parties behave within contexts – changing their attitudes towards the same issues while retaining their core beliefs simply based on who presents it and how. I often wonder whether society is truly liberating itself from archaic perspectives or simply perceives that it is.

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      • Perception is the name of the game in political circles. Many times all the king’s horses and all the king’s men do not exist. The presentation and the amount of sohpistication employed in the overall delivery is key.

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