Clean sweep of history month under rug




“We have Lincoln and Jefferson and Dr Martin Luther King …the statue of Dr Martin Luther King was reportedly  taken out of the office..and it was never even touched…it was fake news. ” —Donald Trump.

B L A C K   E Y E  F O R  H I S T O R I C   M O N T H 

It seemed yesterday that President Donald Trump gave Black History Month the proverbial black eye and managed to downplay the importance of and his general appreciation of the event .

He began with a five-minute monologue that was more about himself — his campaign, his popularity, his alleged mistreatment by the media — than it was about African-Americans and the importance of the day for them.

Trump claimed he was hard done by and oppressed by the press and he wanted all those gathered for this “little breakfast” chat to realize his frustration with the system allegedly out to malign his name and reputation.

His mistreatment of the importance of the month peeved off a lot of the black community. His ineptness and lack of preparation for the talk embarrassed his colleagues and spokespeople.

But he stated he as going to bring enlightenment and a new respect for the many men and women who contributed to the successes of the black community.

That was the reason why he had gathered around himself a number of staff members of that community to re acquaint them with their history. His own lack of appreciation and understanding of Black History month was evident with his every word uttered.

Instead of meeting that objective it happened that the majority of his unpredictable monologue centered on the way the press had oppressed him and done him wrong. Everything they write about him is categorized as “fake news”.

Stephen Colbert in his monologue said that the president was a “man of many colors….a rainbow personality”. A man of many shades and hues.”



If one were to write a novel about The Donald’s plight you could base it loosely on the popular novel ,”50 Shades of Grey”  only in this instance rename it “50 Shades of Pink” based on the number of countries that are blushing by the prospect the president of the free world might pay their country a visit.

And that sadly is the way it is. —  gc


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10 Comments on Clean sweep of history month under rug

  1. Very well said Gerry. I watched this also and the comments by CNN after. You described it very well. Great post!! Have a wonderful day 🙂

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  2. As always, great post. Received an email from a relative this morning about liking T and she knows I can’t stand him, but we respect each other’s opinions and listen to each other. I still think she thinks all bad press is made up.

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    • Thank you for your comment. So if bad press is “fake news” what does your relative view as “good news”? There are enough lackies and wannabe’s out there to choke a hippo. 🙂

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  3. Great post! As an African American, I feel that he has done the same thing. It’s sad that he takes everything as a joke. It’s not always about Trump.

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    • Trump cannot share the limelight with anyone.He always wants to have a major role in events he did not contribute to. The things he did contriubte time and effort to went belly up. Have an enjoyable weekend.

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  4. Great post, very enjoyable read. I am going to reblog this one for you.

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  5. How many times must Lucy move the ball?
    We expect of Trump, what he is capable of and the who serve him share responsibility.
    This was an opportunity to demonstrate what is socially affirmative. I am sure he has staff of other races. Invite them to attend. Somebody might have advised him not to be referring to African-Americans as a people apart.
    Finding oneself in a situation for which

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    • Presdient Trump’s Social “Affirmation Program” essentially focuses on his being correct all the time. Again he was trying to be politically correct. He is afterall the man of the hour and the public and their concerns be damned. Gee, didn’t that same mind set lead to the French Revolution in another place and time? Thank you for writing. Enjoy the day.


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