Scented political rhetoric rules roost




“What can you do against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?” — George Orwell

“P I C K Y  …..  PICKY …..P I C K Y “

Patrick Layton Paulsen — known as Pat Paulsen — was an American comedian and satirist notable for his roles on several of the Smothers Brothers TV shows, and for his campaigns for President of the United States in 1968, 1972, 1980, 1988, 1992, and 1996, which had primarily comedic rather than political objectives.

In the golden days of television comedians were able to poke fun at the way the country was (mis)behaving  and the inept ways its leaders tried to not only fix the damage but also effectively calm the public’s growing unrest with the direction the country was heading. 

Hopefully this new regime of enlightened nabobs will allow comedians to poke light-hearted fun at their political antics and help the country breathe a little easier during this time of angst and concern. –  gc

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Quote of the week: "If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.-- Frank Herbert quotes .

10 Comments on Scented political rhetoric rules roost

  1. I remember watching this show!

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    • Me too! Delving into the past helps illustrate the fact that though the times may change rdically politicians and their relatonship to their voters has not. Thanks for writing. Enjoy the day C.D. 🙂


  2. You did it again! Love this! Of course the Smothers Bros were watched every week at our home. ❤

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    • Same here. And Paulsen’s indifference to being nominated was classic comedy. Of course, in those days you could critique the government and not have to worry that your Green Card would be at risk of being immediately revoked. 🙂 The phrase “you’re deported” is used a lot more liberally these days.


  3. Pat Paulson was a riot! Well, I guess Alec Baldwin isn’t light-hearted enough for Trump. Shame…cause he cracks me up.

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  4. The new regime is certainly not fond of Saturday Night Live!

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    • The leader of the New Regime should have his travel papers revoked and his sanity tested. His delusions of grandeur are costing the country to be seen as an instrument of evil and destruction. Maybe more countries should boycott this lunatic and congress impeach him for being a cold hearted tyrrant. And for years the world thought that North Korea was the villian. Surprise! SUrprise!


      • The leaders are not good people. We have to remember to to judge all the subjects, er, citizens, in the same light.

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      • Leaders are people good or bad. They have a vested interest to get re elected and please their electorate. It is up to the voter to help keep their leaders in check and ethical. Other political appointees ( senate and congress) should step in and do something if only for moral and humane reasons.


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