Specifically speaking these are lean to’s



“The people who say you are not facing reality actually mean that you are not facing their idea of reality. Reality is above all else a variable.” MARGARET HALSEY, No Laughing Matter

A  M A T T E R  O F  D E F I N I T I O N 

Last August I visited my brother-in-law and his wife on Saturna Island.

He is a retired university professor who has exchanged the academic lifestyle for one of simplicity, solitude and reflection. He is a very capable carpenter and has handled the upgrading and construction of his island home.

As I walked about the property I couldn’t help but notice that many older structures had boards and planks and ladders placed against them. I knew it wasn’t sloppy workmanship so one day I asked him about them

He told me matter-of-factly they were his “lean to’s” and showed him where past projects began and ended. They were handy and nearby when he needed them.

He added that as a communications  professor he had to deal with specificities and terse definitions his entire career. So, he decided to use a laid back approach and define things in his life as they made sense to him at the time. Kinda like Mark Twain would do on the riverbank of the old Mississippi River.

Sometimes being too  dependent upon specific definitions in life takes the fun and the spontaneity out of living. –  gc


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10 Comments on Specifically speaking these are lean to’s

  1. Loooove that reality quote.

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  2. Organized chaos. I am such a fan.


  3. I can feel myself really lighting up about this. The freedom of turning from words and ideas to handcrafting … and of allowing definitions to “unfold”. It’s been 20 years since I studied Communications at uni but your account bought to mind a subject called “semiotics” which was something about we interpret words and images. Meaning is constantly created in the flow between the “giver” and “receiver” of the message. Ahhhhh. I guess it lights me up around the qualities of understanding and connection, finding common ground and peace.

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  4. or if you are English, roasted.

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