One man’s temporary retreat for trash


My wife is always trying to get rid of me. The other day she told me to put the garbage out. I said to her I already did. She told me to go and keep an eye on it.”  – Rodney Dangerfield

Abandoned shopping carts. Heavy statuary left inside doorways. Nasty messages written on the front of carts.

The one variable these items all have in common is people indifferent to courtesy, common sense and safety.

My friend made a call to apartment security late Friday night when his wife  looked out their suite  window and noticed a shopping cart filled with items left on the street outside his residence.

It was a cold night and he suspected that the cart’s owner might have gained access to the building and was lurking on the step landings. On site security removed the cart that night.

Today I noticed a person leaving another cart outside the back steps of the building. There was a nasty note attached to the front of the cart which was loaded with a variety of trashy items.

If you follow my blog this is the same person I wrote about a few weeks ago who chained his bicycle to the front entranceway railings. Non residents but friends of someone who lives in the building.

This person’s temporary retreat for his trash creates safety concerns for the building’s residents.

I have written a few articles about those folks who make their living pushing carts and dumpster diving . They are hard-working and considerate. They are the majority of people engaged in this line of work. It is the minority that give the rest of them a bad name.

The site management personnel have been contacted requesting that something be done to rectify the situation. God only knows what they will do to clue this tenant and her extended family members into reality.

The people who should be spoken to are those who are indifferent to the rules of common sense and safety. 

Their carts should be given the Texas Boot and permanently grounded. —  gc


P H O T O   U P D A T E  

I have received a number of comments regarding this article for which I am grateful. 

The couple involved in this transference of trash are known troublesome tenants who feel entitled to do as they wish. They feel that any action taken against them is only biased . The woman in the photo and her male associate have a long history of strained relationship with their neighbors and management.

Monday night from 11 pm until midnight they were sorting through the bottle and cans they had collected that day. It was noisy as the male brought that special implement down the back steps. This is the team bringing the bottles out the back door.

In my way of thinking trash might be an economic source of income for some people but it also presents health and safety concerns when left on back steps of high-rise buildings.

By the way this is the same couple who  a few months ago locked themselves out of the building and had to break down the door to their suite to get back inside. They were given a new door to their apartment. 

I wrote another lengthy note to management and included photos of this couple in action. 

Hopefully, some type of positive action will be taken. God only knows. — gc


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10 Comments on One man’s temporary retreat for trash

  1. Love Rodney D comment. He was great at those one liners

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  2. A good post GC. Where I live the stores hire a truck to travel around the city to gather up all these wayward store carts. The building security should put in a complaint to your city hall or the mayor. Have a great day GC. 🙂

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  3. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, unless left in a common area for all to deal with.

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    • Thank you for your comment. I have added a photo update to the story Robin. There are extenuating circumstances that I have added for your perusal. Tell me what you think. Enjoy the day.


  4. Very smart move GC to take photos of the people doing the ‘deed’. This is all you can do. Be safe! 🙂

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