Xmas crunch means maddening crowds



“On the day after Christmas, some store or another will always take out and ad saying there are only 364 shopping days to Christmas. No one is amused.” ― Gerard Del Re

Christmas day is almost here. Visits to mall Santa’s will increase dramatically. The glitter, glitz and hype of the season will dominate the shopping spectrum. Forty pound Butter Ball turkeys and over sized glazed hams will take up primary residence in many grocery store’s freezer sections. Egg nog sales ( both regular and Lite) will increase to such an extent that commercial hen farmers will have their  broods working overtime ( if that is possible). It is a nerve-wracking and maddening time for parents who want to do right by their children . But take heart. You will have the rest of the new year to gather your composure and pay for your Yuletide spending spree. — gc



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9 Comments on Xmas crunch means maddening crowds

  1. Let’s not forget leap years when you have to wait out that one extra day 🙂

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  2. That’s why we send checks.

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